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Anxiety/Panic Attacks

I was just wondering, what might be the cause of the reason, why Panic/Anxiety attacks are so evident on my face? Its almost as if the muscle in my face, seize up completely when I'm having an attack. Is there some kind of chemical in the body, that regulates and controls the signs of stress and anxiety on the face?
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Hello, again. I think I ruled out oxytocin in my other post to you as a curative for the signs of stress on your face. I'm not totally sure if your talking about how your face appears DURING an attack or if you are referring to accumulative and lasting signs. I'm pretty sure some of the thousands of wrinkles on MY face are the result of many years of stress and anxiety. But your question.........wondering if there is some chemical in our bodies that regulate or control the signs of stress on our face is one I can't answer. Perhaps an endochronologist would be able to help you.
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Yes, I was talking about my face during a panic attack. Thanks for ur reply.
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While in the midst of a panic attack, it never occured to me to look in a mirror. I can't begin to imagine what I must have looked like, but I'm pretty sure it would have only increased my panic a thousand fold.
My advice? Avoid mirrors. Stop worrying what you look like and concentrate on figuring out why you're having the attacks.
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I second Greenlydia''s last post!  I never ever had the thought to see what I looked like during the many panic attacks I've had.  A therapist told me once exactly what the body is going through.  Only remember bits: pupils dilate causing  blurred vision. When attack begins you are dizzy and want to hold onto something.

Excess of adrenaline rushing into the body may cause a huge urge to run, even if you are seating in 6 lanes of traffic:). Hands shake, sweating is common, racing heart....all part of the fear response .  You feel trapped and want to run.  Afterwards you are generally exhausted.

Your therapist could better answer the question about facial appearance.

BTW: When in therapy I learned exercises to calm facial muscles.  Have forgotten most of them....and as GL says, my lines are caused by a lot o living!

Take care.

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