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Anxiety all day ?


I have started having what I think is anxiety.  I had suffered from this many years ago but have not since then.   I feel a heavy chest most of the day.  At times I find myself taking deep breaths to try to take away that heaviness.  Does anyone else experience that?  It's been a week now.

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Yes. The more you think about your breathing, the more you feel as though you are struggling. It's like watching someone drown in a movie, you sometimes get so caught up in it you feel like you're drowning yourself. Learn to distract yourself when you start worrying about the heavy feeling in your chest. The heavyness can be anxiety or simply the change of seasons with the air being heavier and more humid.
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Is there something going on in your life causing anxiety,you under a lot of stress? Lily
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No, nothing different going on in my life that would cause this.   I did have pvc's (heart) a week or so ago which the doctor believes was related to gastritis which I got from taking Advil..  PVC's have since stopped.  I am taking Tecta for my stomach which is the only thing that is different.    The anxiety or whatever it is seems to last all day.
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