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Anxiety or Angina?

Hey, I’m a 32 year old female (I get told I’m too young to worry about heart problems) I’ve been having this weird pressure/heaviness discomfort like feeling that comes and goes throughout the day when I’m active or even feeling stressed and goes when resting. It isn’t sharp or stabbing pains (as everywhere is saying typical anxiety pain)  or radiating to other parts of the body but it’s just dull discomfort like a rubber band around my chest on left side. Silly me started googling symptoms and it very closely mimics angina like chest discomfort. Does anyone else get this kind of chest pain associated with anxiety? I recently started dexamfetamine for adhd and thinking maybe it’s a side effect of that but everyone I’ve spoken to can’t relate when they started on adhd medication. I had an ecg which came back fine..my blood pressure is normal. I do get health anxiety but never had this kind of sensation in chest so it’s abit alarming for me. I’m seeing a doctor in 2 days but for peace of mind I’m hoping someone else on here can relate or has another explanation for that sensation I’m experiencing?

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Hi! So, I understand what you are talking about. Because you 'never' know, you do need to get a physical. You want to make sure you don't have any underlying issue contributing to this. Angina is a condition usually as a result of something like blocked arteries. Coronary Artery disease they call it. Have you had your blood work done where you know your cholesterol levels? One trick I know of is to see when it happens. If it always starts once you are exerting yourself physically, that's more of a sign it's CAD (coronary artery disease). Some people literally have bad genes and have genetic heart health issues. I have familial hypertension, for example. BUT, we CAN help ourselves through a good, healthy diet, maintaining the proper weight, regular exercise, regular sleep, limiting alcohol, don't smoke.

Now anxiety? Yes. Absolutely, it too can cause these symptoms. It is also interrelated to heart health. But you should get a physical and blood work done first to rule out issues. Then dig deep to work on the anxiety. I have had the sensation you describe unrelated to my actual heart. I do have hypertension but that's silent. Your body goes into fight or flight when highly stressed due to stress hormones. These cause lots of physical symptoms. Chest tightening is one of them.

Let me know how your doctor's appointment goes, okay?
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