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I've been dealing with anxiety and depression since i was about 16 years old. There is an extremely strong family history, so I'm pretty confident that most of it is biological, although there are probably some underlying stressors. Last year I was on 5 mg of lexapro and 15mg of remeron for sleeping and eating. When I got home for the summer  my doc recommended that I try getting off the lexapro. After doing this I began to feel depressed and anxious again, which coincided with a long-term relationship break up. So i went back on the lexapro, but nothing seemed to be happening. My doctor put me on 100mg of lamictal for cycling. I started feeling better within a couple weeks, and my doc told me again to get off the lexapro so I wasn't on two anti-depressants. At the beginning of school i was taking one 5 every other day and noticed that I had bad days and good days. Eventually I went off completely and now I have extremely high anxiety, very low appetite, and problems sleeping. My doc from home told me to go back on the lexapro. It's been a week and I felt great for one day, thought I was through it, but then the symptoms came back. I asked my doc if I could get a prescription of a xanax/klonopin for when my anxiety was too much to handle. He said that he didn't feel as though I should do this and that it only leads to bad things. I'm going to a new doc by my college soon since I don't live at home anymore. What should I do? I really feel as though the benzo's could help in the short term. should I try to go up to 10 on the lexapro? Also,is it possible that since I got off the lexapro it won't work again this time, I've heard that before.

Thanks in advance
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If I were you i'd go and speak to a phsyciatrist that prescibes meds. Everyones on them these days my dr. even said so....I've been on clonipin for 6 yrs  now and love it...You need to get on a medication and keep it steady instead of this off and on sh** thats prob whats making you crazy...
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