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Anxiety hipper fits

I hear voices talking to me all the time i cant seam to rember what they say but its stupid stuff and i will get into arguments with them i also see things that arnt their like a big black rat the size of a car run out in front of me when going around a turn driving or giant grass hoppers running by or penguins or the other day i was looking at a dead pine tree branch and started saying "come to life come to life" and it did i shook my head and it was dead agin? their is also a little green guy that lives in my shoe he dont say anything just sticks his head out and looks around and he wont leave!
I also have bad panic attacs sencs i was like 10 that im dieing some times I cant leave a room becouse I dont want people looking at me the other day my wife kids and i wear at a pizza place and the kids had to use the bath room so I took them and I had this bad attaic I sent them out but I could not leave the mens room this happend at my sisters house I couldnt leave the bed room? what is going on I am not on any meds. I also have Hipper fits I call them, I get this burst of happy energy like when your a kid on Christmass morning and i start giggling uncontroleably this lasts only a few seconds but its embarassing in public?
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dude read the last response you got on this same EXACT POST, all  you did was copy and paste, I am changing my answer, don't go to the Dr. for what you write about, go because your life is so sad you come on this serious forum and play games, sad man
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I agree with Silverberg!  what the &*(^!!!!   Actually if someone writes something like that and is joking ...in my opinion still has some serious issues to deal with!  not funny when people on here have real issues!  
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Well, I don't agree with the last two posters. I choose to think that you're not playing games. The things you're experiencing must be very disturbing to you and produce a lot of anxiety in themselves, especially if you haven't talked to anybody about it or are anxious to tell anyone. The symptoms of anxiety,the manic and/or psychotic episodes can be well controlled with the right medication. But you need to seek medical advice from a well experienced psychiatrist.

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I re-posted because i forgot to ad the hipper fit part!!!!!!
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