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Anxiety symptoms ???

I have pretty bad anxiety nearly everyday, I was diagnosed by a doctor last year but I've always really had it since I was a kid. So basically I have anxiety nearly everyday some days better than others, but the past three days I've had a a feeling of a swollen neck and my ears are also effected I can't seem to find any swollen glands but I've a little pain on my right side right under my jaw if I press down on it hard enough I also feel my throat closing in. I have no sore throat or anything but feel my glands are swollen I'm really worried, is this anxiety or something more serious
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Hey there,

Anxiety can cause us to over examine our bodies to the point to where we will eventually find something wrong with us.

You could simply have a little and your anxiety is kicking in.

I'm actually going through the same thing now. I have a fever, but My anxiety is telling me it's something way worse and more serious.

Try to not over examine yourself and stay busy. I never thought I'd be saying this, but try some hot tea, soup, etc.

Are you doing anything to address your anxiety?
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Yes I over examine myself so much, but can anxiety itself cause your body to do this? I've never taken any meds not that I don't believe in them I just think for my own self I can over come this myself
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