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Anxiety symptoms

for the past few months i have been suffering from anxiety..taking panic attacks and it has been worse the past few days.

my hands and at times it feels like my whole body is shaking, it can las whole days.
along with this i have a pounding headache that can last hours and sometimes days?

is this just another way of my anxiety showing itself? is there anything i can do or will i simply have to stay calm and let the symptoms pass.

i have on medication for the anxiety and it had helped with my mood and the attacks are not as bad..it's more just a nervous feeling, body shaking and tension headaches..it feels very tight around my neck and back of head.

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Maybe you can ask for an increase in the dose of your anxiety meds. They are not helping enough. Yes heaches and everything you are describing is from anxiety.

Sometimes a hot bath helps me relax a little. Also doing special things for myself helps too. Just little things like watching my fav movie or painting my nails. Be kind and patient to yourself as much as you can. You may need to go have a massage done for your poor muscles.
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Never assume anything is related to your anxiety, see your doctor to rule out other causes first.  If it is your anxiety, you need to address that as your medication isn't controlling your anxiety as well as it should be.  Hope you feel better soon.
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This is a good opinion also. :)
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I have been to the doctors..he's also pretty sure it's all down to my anxiety over the past few months.
meds have been bumped up and they seem to have a hold of the panic attacks...the best advise he gave me was time, give my body time to work through things.

but thanks for the advice..hearing other speak of it really helps me stop freaking out about things and just get on with my day :) thank you so much!
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You're most welcome! That's what everyone is here for, to help each other. :)
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