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Can Osteoma on eyebrow bone lead to personality changes and anxiety?

Ive had lump roughly 2" long along my right eyebrow bone for probably close to 2 years.  I went to Dermatologist because friend works there and set up appointment.  While he said thats it was not something he can treat he said it was most likely Osteoma and referred me to a plastic surgeon.  
Its not really large bump but can obviously see it from side.  It has caused headaches and pressure off and on over the couple years but started to do that everyday lately.  

If it is Osteoma can it cause behavior issues?  Almost exactly the same time i noticed it i have acted differently like more emotional, overthinking, trouble concentrating and ruining ever relationship.  Last girlfriend asked me if was allergic to anything because i always sound stuffed up and know thats a symptom.  Recently i was diagnosed with an Anxiety Disorder which makes sense of my behavior but could this be the result of the Osteoma?  My family has history of cancer as both parents died of cancer.  And lately the pain has become sharper at the spot or right near the spot.  Can it cause behavior issues or be something other than Osteoma? thanks
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Headaches can come from many possible causes including an osteoma, so are you sure that is the cause?
It doesn't cause a behavioral problem so if you even have a behavioral problem, it is just a coincidence. If you are taking therapy for your anxiety then your therapist will verify this.
I am going to Plastic Surgeon tomm to hopefully figure out exactly what it is.  First doctor said is seem like Osteoma but need to do CT to confirm what it is.  
Have not read anything about it possibly having effect on personality.  So figured it had to coincidence unless it’s something else which doesn’t seem likely.  Talked to neurosurgeon friend today and he said it’s odd to feel pressure from Osteoma.  Hopefully have answers tomm
"Have not read anything about it possibly having effect on personality."
That is because it can't have an effect on personality.
Update.  Went to plastic surgeon and he looked at it and took about 2 minutes and said need to see Ear Nose and Throat.  More than likely Front Nasal Osteoma and he said might be bigger deal than you think.  Since i know him i said gee thanks Doc LOL.  Going Monday to ENT.   Im done some research that and found it is very rare for this to effect personality and cause anxiety but possible.  Highly doubt it is and probably just coincidence in timing or gotten worse.  Doubt its the cause or hope its not cause that be bad news.  Since been taking Zoloft anxiety has settled down alot.  
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Who diagnosed you with an anxiety disorder?  Before you faced this recent problem, did you have any anxiety problems or did they start with your discovery of this problem?  That's assuming it is a problem, I have no idea what it is and haven't Googled for info because you're already seeing experts for it.  I'm just commenting on the anxiety part of this, which is either an anxiety problem that has been there all along or it's nervousness and stress caused because you're scared about this condition and haven't yet received a proper diagnosis or treatment if any is needed.  An anxiety disorder isn't rational, we're just frightened about things we weren't frightened about before for no reason.  It's only a disorder when it's chronic.  Everyone with a health problem is nervous about it to some extent until it's resolved or accepted.  That's why I'm wondering who diagnosed you with an anxiety disorder.  People with chronic ailments get pretty burned out over them and that can cause personality changes.  I'm not sure what you have is actually a serious condition or just a bump on your head that's completely benign, I just don't know, but what you need to do is distinguish irrational anxiety from concern over something that will resolve once you get it diagnosed and fixed.  One thing, though, the longer you stress over something the more it can develop into chronic anxiety if you let it and spill over into the rest of your life.  If that's happening, therapy might indeed help you to figure out why you're so stressed over this.  And one last thing -- those of us who do suffer with anxiety, and if that's you as well, we still get all the same life problems as everyone else, it just makes it harder for us to deal with them.  
Doctor and therapist diagnosed me with Anxiety.  I’m not worried about other issue don’t think can be much.  Was just curious cause seemed to change around same time.  
Not sure I understand your answer, but if this is the only thing you worry about, you don't worry about anything else like this, and you didn't worry about things in general before you became concerned about this, that isn't anxiety.  Anxiety just is and starts to take us over.  Your doc's diagnosis doesn't interest me as much as a therapist, depending on the education level of the therapist, but it's also possible you've reached a point where an anxiety disorder is breaking out.  If you've been diagnosed with anxiety by a psychologist, I assume you're in therapy to try to fix it.  If it was diagnosed by your doctor and, say, a clinical social worker, neither might have the ability or education to know how to distinguish anxiety from stress over something that is still unresolved.  I'm guessing you know, though.
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