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Can anxiety be cured and other questions

Alright first question can anxiety be cured..

Will it kill u in the future if its not delt with

What drugs are really effective and not really good at all?

and yeah thats about it
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I'm not sure anxiety can techniclly be "cured," but it can be treated.  Disregarding my last post, it won't kill you.  The thought that it will kill you is just another symptom of anxiety.  Your body/mind are tricking you into feeling you are in danger.

Different meds work for different people.  There is a class of meds called benzodiazepines (Valium, Ativan, etc.) which can be helpful.  Low doses of antipschotic meds (like Seroqeul) can also be helpful.  Finally, etiher with therapist or other people who have the same problem, talking about anxiety and learning how to recognize it building and talking yourself down from it can also be helpful.  It's easier said than done, but learning to say things to yourself like, "oh, I'm starting to get anxious.  But i am not my anxiety and I'm going to be OK" is helpful.  Good luck.
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Anxiety can be "cured," but most of us on this forum refer to it as "recovery."  It takes a great deal of work on your part. A real commitment to working with a good doctor and therapist to find the root cause of your anxiety and dealing with it. Only by meeting it head on will you be able to put it behind you. You may be able to do without meds and you may not. There is nothing wrong with taking some medication if it will help you cross whatever river it is you need to wade across.

It is a medical fact that no one has ever died from anxiety. It won't kill you in the sense you mean. It can and it will "kill" the quality of your life if you don't take some action.........if you don't draw that line in the sand and say "enough!"

As to your question about what drugs are really good and which ones aren't......no one on this fourm can tell you that. We can all offer you a million opinions, but that's all they are. It will be between your doctor, therapist and you to decide which one(s) will be the best for you. And bear in mind that many of us have had to try several before we hit on the one that works for us. This is where the commitment part comes into play........you can't give up if the first thing you try doesn't work well for you.

I urge you to browse some of the posts here and get a feel for what we all have gone through and are still going through. I'm glad you found us and hope you will stick around. One of the most important parts of reaching your recovery is support and we have that in spades here!
I wish you so much luck on your journey. Feel proud that you've taken the two biggest steps.......realizing there is a problem and seeking help.
Write us anytime, OK. We are open all night.
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If you have anxiety symptoms but know that there is know stress in youre life or ever were strong enough stressful times to create something like anxiety in youre life, then is it still anxiety?
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I'm not entirely sure what your asking me Mike. If you're asking me if there are KNOWN reasons for your stress.................say something really horrible happened to your best friend or you lost your job and now may lose your house.........something like that. Then anxiety would be a pretty damn normal response and would (or might) last as long as the "event" that created it. Once the issue was resolved.........your best friend doesn't have a brain tumor or you found an even better job making more money, then the anxiety would (or should) ALSO resolve itself. And this is still anxiety. It's a "good" anxiety in the sense that there is a rational and known cause for it. For those of us who have anxiety attacks but have no idea what the cause is, that's when it gets bad.
So..........I'm not sure if I answered your question or not. If you know the cause of your anxiety, it's still anxiety, but it will probably go away.
Let me know if I need to try again!
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Ill keep this brief as possible....
I feel it is my duty to help anyone else who is suffering from panic attacks, anxiety and other severe and minor stress related problems.
Im 30 years old, good physical health. Finances good, marriage life good, basically a perfect life. But there was something missing. I worked most of my days, slept only a few hours a night, and ate 1 meal per day mostly. I never did anything for fun, and when I did, it was something I shoudnt be doing - ( seeing other women, smoking, drinking, engaging in lustful activities,etc )
Slowly I began to bore with living this hidden life, and it began to stress me out more than it pleasured me. I fought more with my mistress than I did with my wife. I cheated in my business ventures, meaning I stole money, I was rude to people, selfish, jealous, uptight, amd just down right monsterous at times.
One day I was working in my office, and I just " clicked ". The machinery inside my body just shut down. I didnt know what was happening...I thought maybe I was dieing. The bad thing is, I couldnt die.....and I couldnt bare to live. A taste of obliviion. A soul trapped between the light and the darkness, with no where to turn.
I was rushed to the ER.....to only find all of my tests were negative. I was diagnosed with having a PANIC ATTACK. Something I had never experienced. For weeks, I would have returning episodes of attacks. I laid in my bed in the darkness for days at a time, crying and wishing for relief. I was presecribed xanax, which did help me sleep, but the side effects were not worth it to me ( muscle twitching, dry mouth, headaches, drowsyness, muscle weakness. ) I took it for about a month off and off and just stopped taking them. My doc even prescribed paxil, but I refused to take them.
Stress and anxiety are all manifested PHYSICALLY. Meaning that the problem usually ends in the mind, but its starts from something in the physical world. Drugs such as xanax and valium and paxil only MASK what is needed to be done...and that is to ELIMINATE THE PHYSICAL MANIFESTATIONS OF THE STRESS.
Simple...MINES WAS MY LIFE..........
I was cheating on my wife, mean to people, selfish, jealous, uncaring, cold, full of lust, anger and disbelief, eating wrong, drinking and smoking.
I decided it was only ONE doctor who could heal me.....

Dr. Jesus
I called my mother who is a pastor, and she came and prayed for me. I cried, I cried, and I cried. I asked God to reveal himself to me, and show me how to become a better person. I promised to end my evil ways in return from freedom from the attacks of anxiety and stress.

It wasnt an instant win....but each day I could see progress within my life, and my spirit. Hope enterted into my heart, and a new person was born. The panic attacks werent SOLVED, but I realised the source of them......and that source WAS MY OWN SELFISH HEART. I had to change my evil ways....and that is the only solution to ending anxiety, stress and panic attacks.

When you understand God, you understand yourself. When you understand yourself, you understand others, and  thus makes you can forgive others, and love others, and have patience when stress strikes at you.
I no longer take the pills, and when I feel stressed...or a panic attack coming from an event, I STOP WHAT IM DOING, I CALL ON GOD, I CRY, AND I PRAY. It works......BETTER THAN ANY PILL. AND I DARE ANY OF YOU TO TRY IT. What do you have to loose?

Im still healing, but I had to share this, because now I can relate to others who go through a disease that I use to often make fun of myself. I am much better than I was, and I enjoy life, I respect my wife, I dont smoke or drink, I eat better, exercise and I TRY to love all....and once again...it has helped me better than ANY PILL. Problems will always occur in our life, but knowing how to handle them will keep stress away.

" Knowledge of the negative, means ignorance of the positive. Surround yourself with Godly people, nice people. If something is too hard for you to do, ask for help, and if it still cant be done, leave it alone. Dont worry about the future, because thinking about the future does NOTHING to help the ' NOW '. Forget the past, because it is lost in time. It is only remembered, because you choose to think of it. "

My name is Marc...and my email is ***@****
If I can help anyone, I would very much like to do so. God Bless
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I just posted the same thoughts on another forum brother . Lets puts the truth out there. We can no longer allow the enemy to have control. Fear only the Lord and live a righteous and holy life for God, our creator.
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