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Can anxiety cause tremors? Does severe tremors make you physically ill?

I have been diagnosed with anxiety and ptsd. When I use fine motor skills such as tweezing or clipping my fingernails I start to shake and before I can finish what I'm doing I become so sick to my stomach I have to stop. It usually takes at least an hour before I can continue. This is not seizures either I've been tested but doctors don't know what causes it. I really would like to figure it out, I can't even do my daughter's nails.
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Anxiety can cause tremors, but this sounds like it could be more than that. Do you have any other symptoms, like dizziness or palpitations when you stand up? Do you get the tremors even when you're not especially anxious? If either of these are true, you may want to research dysautonomia, or autonomic nervous system dysfunction. It can cause episodes like this.
No other symptoms, this only happens when I'm using fine motor skills. I've always liked coloring and I can't do that either. I have had two TIA's with my first one at 21 and this came out of the blue when I was around 23. My second one when I was 30 and I'm now 33.
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You might have an inner ear problem or Mineire's Ear.  This can cause dizziness when the head tilts, and would also thus explain the nausea.  Don't know if this is the case, but an extremely complete series of medical evaluations seems in order.
By the way, on any meds, especially new ones?  
No meds, I've never had an ear infection or any type of ear problems. I take a one a day vitamin and ibuprofen occasionally, nothing else.
How do you know you don't have an ear problem if you haven't been tested for it?  What I mentioned aren't infections.  Also, just a question -- did the nausea happen to start around the time you started the vitamin?  Most one a day vitamins are useless, and if it's not from one of the finer natural medicine companies it's probably got forms of nutrients that can't be absorbed by the body.  This can cause allergic reactions (the fillers and binders) and nausea (bad forms of iron, for example).  What I'm trying to point out is, without the kind of doc who will exhaust all possibilities, you can't know if this is an anxiety problem or a physiological one.  Good luck whatever you try.
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I was diagnosed five years ago at the age of 51. I had symptoms for 3-4 years prior to that but did not know anything about Parkinson’s. I first noticed a slight twitch in my left hand, finger and thumb, which became pill rolling. We attended a lot of sports events and I would lose my balance in the moving crowd. I then started seeing a neurologist. I started falling a lot when losing my balance and had a hard time walking normal. I finally froze up in the doorway at church. I told my Neuro and he said that  I had Parkinson’s. Started me on entacapone,levodopa, carbidopa, and pramipexole and I still didn’t feel or get better  January 2017  my neurologist and I decided to go with natural treatment and was introduced to Green House Herbal Clinic natural Parkinson’s disease Herbal formula, i had a total decline of symptoms with this Parkinson’s Herbal formula treatment. Visit Green House Herbal Clinic official web-site ww w. greenhouseherbalclinic. com. The tremors, Shaking, Joint Stiffness and other symptoms has subsided.  I am very pleased with this treatment. I feel very well now and exercise regularly, sometimes i totally forget i ever had Parkinson’s,Don't give up hope, fellow sufferers. Share with friends!!
I don't have any issues with twitches or losing my balance. After 12 years of dealing you start to wonder if any doctor knows what it is. -always hoping..
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yes it can! in fact i will explain in a short detail my experience with heart related anxiety.

i had daily occurrences of dizziness. i had sore throats maybe twice a month! i generally felt achey/tired/breathless. i felt completely hopeless and thought i was really dying and it would be a matter of any day i would go. i then went on meds, and since then have dropped most of them symptoms.
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