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Constant Shortness of Breath

When will it end?? I started getting shortness of breath my second semester of college (Around Jan-Feb 2014). I am now in my fifth semester of school so this has been ongoing DAILY for almost 2 years... I am constantly focusing on my breathing every day. I notice myself yawning a lot to try to get a good breath in. I get really really tense in my shoulders, and I've hyperventilated a few times when me and my boyfriend have fought or in other stressful situations. However, even when I'm not stressed out I have shortness of breath.. it's exhausting. The only time I notice it's gone is when I wake up & I'm laying in bed or if I'm in an extremely tired state of mind (going to bed). I went to the doctor last June & they ran some tests on my lungs, I had my heart checked a few years ago, but it's like they wanted to completely rule out the chance of me having anxiety. I would go back, but I don't think I could afford all of the medical bills (from tests) especially if they can't figure out what's wrong. I'm already tired enough throughout the day so I'm afraid if I get on any kind of medicine it'll make me even more tired. I'm a full time student and I work a part-time job. I'm always busy. I'm also 20 years old, and I feel like it's only going to get worse.

Does anybody have any idea what I should do about this? And does it sound like anxiety or something physically serious?

Oh yeah, I occasionally get heart palpitations too, but I hear that's normal if it's not a re-accuring thing.

Someone pleasure help!
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