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Do You think it’s my anexity?

my mother and law has diabietes so she leaves her used needles in a plastic container as i was cleaning up the living room because were moving i happen to see a plastic bottle but was unaware of what it was so i opened it and poured it on my hand as i saw my hand i saw they were her used needles so i quickly put it back in her container ... as i saw my hand i didnt notice a poke,scratch or any bleeding , nor did i feel it poke me but whats the chance of me getting infected with any diseases such as hep c or hiv ? would i have felt the needle poke me as i see they are really thin and fine and look like they go imto skin easily
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The only way to get hepc or hiv is to have an infected needle injected into your veins. And sexual intercouse for hiv. Trust me. I went through all this when my boyfriend told me he had hep c. I was a wreck. A nurse finally calmed me down when she told me that only when  an infected needle enters your vien can you get infected. You are fine. Telax.
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I'm sorry you are so anxious. Does your mother in law have HIV or Hep  C? :>)  Said with kindness, you'd know if she did. Flyinlynn, who is excellent, gave you advice that Hep C was not a concern from this nor would HIV transmission if your mother in law had either of these conditions.  HIV is not transmitted through a needle poke as once the end of the needle is exposed to air, the virus is inactivated.  Dried blood does not transmit HIV.  So, there would be no risk of that from this situation.  However, what concerns me is your anxiety. Have you worried about these things for a long time?  Do you get any help for your anxiety? Is it just health anxiety or does it cross over to other areas? Tell us about it and we'll try to help.
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