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Does anyone get weird head sensations with their Anxiety?

I've posted a few questions lately, but i'm just having a bad few weeks of Anxiety =/
I'm nearly 19 and to put it short i have Social Anxiety and a fear of dying.
I get aload of symptoms with my Anxiety, different ones all the time.
But theres some in particular that worry me, i get these weird popping type sensations in my head mainly near my ears and on the back of my head, they only last a few seconds.
I also get alot of scalp pain, heavy headedness, headaches and crackeling sensations, it feels like i'm bleeding in my brain sometimes.
I do only notice it all when i'm dealing with my Anxiety, especially if i'm sitting down and i think " ooo that was weird, in my head "
Does anyone else get any of these?
I've have asked my doctor and she said people get all kinds of sensations/pains in their head from Anxiety, it's extremely common, your head is just as sensative as say your stomach/bowels are.
So she said jst try and relax and see if the weirdness goes away.
So i dunno really.
And i'm petrified of dying from a brain aneurysm =|
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i no what you goin throu im worried about dying of a brain tumour i get loads of horribe sensations in my head ears and go dizzy and feel off balance ect when im outside wether its sunny o not i have to wear sunglasses i get alot of head aches and ear ache even thou at least 4 docs in the lastt 2 week have told me its not a brain tumour that doesnt help as we still worry think with me avin kids it dont help as i keep thinking i will leave them hope this helps abit xxxxxxx
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Yes I have had this too in the past. no any more it went away when I learned it is none of my business what people think about me.
Does your family have a history of Aniorisims? where did you get that idea.
Symatisisim is common you make youself sick when stressed or anxious.
I can make myself sick and I can make myself well so im carefull with that.

If you anxiety is to high you might want to seek mental health help. consider meds for a period. What has helped me alot is to day dream it lowers my blood presure and calms me down. Just day dream picture something pleasant and experience it. Like a river, a deer drinking water, a bird perching, a person you like, God with you.
If you want to deal with this without meds, there are therapists who mass advertise teaching tools how do deal with this.

O and if your sure there is nothing wrong medically then the sun glasses is all in head too. for some reason you want to hide. face your fears. fears is mans enemy.
there is alot of Grace in this world it a bit confussing at times
your mind is powerfull and strong use it for good

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i am so scared i am cryng right now i feel u guy's i thought i had a brain tumor got a scan it was fine, now im worried about nueropothy and anurysm all be causei constanly have weird headache's and a pupil that dialate's more than the other about every day i am under ton's of stress i get occasional numbness and tingling feeling. my neck muscles are alway;s tight. all thy tell me is it's stress.i have not had a mri done though wat got it in my head isa doctor told me that if my pupil stays like that i assume permanely it could be nueropothy. so now i stress on that and not to mention the other sight's say anurysm. but web md had said a tumor wich i know i dont got. please help me also i started counseling
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Hey hun, i understand how your feeling, i have calmed down over the past few days and i've noticed my headaches/head sensations have calmed down with it.
My doctor told me my symptoms over this last year have started from my legs up to my head gradually over the months.
Maybe doing something to take your mind of it will help, i try watching a film i love or just going out.
Stress/Anxiety can do all sorts to our bodies, i just need to try and except that.
I am going back to see my doctor hopefully this week and i'm going to tell her about my headaches and hoe paranoid about them i am, she'll probs send me to get a scan since i had an ECG to check my heart cos i was so paranoid about that.
It was something like a brian aneruysm, the pain would come on suddently and severly, i only get bad tension headaches, and just head achiness and sensations and what feels like a tight band around my head at times.
Just try and relax, i'm seeing a concellor myself, she said i'm a hyprocondriate.
See your doctor if you're still scared.

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thank's its so cool cuz iv been doin the same thing these last two days .keep in touch did ur pupils ever dialate?
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Does that mean when they go all weird?
I don't know what that means lol.
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know what i meant when u had ur head ache's did u ever notice ur black part of ur eye gettn bigger than the other or maybe both wetre doin it. thats what gets me freaked out its sooo strange and i guess i am wonderin how common it is.jenn
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Ohhh, no i don't think so.
That sounds more like when you have a panic attack.
When you get worried about your headaches do you get other things with it? Like you start sweating or get really hot or maybe get really shaky?!
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Do you ever where your hair in a ponytail?  Im 29 and my anxiety and depression started when I was twenty. It started out asheart palpatations, which frecked me out. then everything made me feel like i was dying. When you body stays in panic mode, depression, and axiety attacks your body reacts to all that, trust me all of your symtoms are coming from depression. i know your healthy, just go the doctor ask about lexapro or cymbolta after being on meds for about a month you will......i promise fill normal again..............

good luck...

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Hey there, i seem to have the same thing as you guys, my head feels really weird all the time, as if theres something in there that i want to get out. I get popping sensations in my head, mostly around my ears and sometimes on the top and back of my head. I also get burning patches, tightness, pressure headaches... It seems to be all i can think about now. Im pretty much obsessed about tumors and anyrisms, ive had a CT scan but that was two weeks ago and i still havent had the results, i guess thats a good sign. If anyone has any idea how i can stop these weird sensations before i go completely mad, i would really appreciate that.
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I have fibromyalgia along with anxiety and I know they go hand in hand.  Lately, my ears seem to burn. It triggered a panic attack a few weeks ago because it felt like my ear was bleeding or something.  Really weird.  I take Xanax occasionaly to help me through the bad days.  It does help and I don't worry as much with it.
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Yes I get the weird head sensations. Heaviness, sometimes feels like
there is snapping going on or short circuiting. I suppose we are so sensitive
to our body sensations because of our anxiety and even depression When it comes to our heads,we think of all sorts of sinister things that could be going on. I went for a CT scan because of this and my results were clear. The brain is powerful.
The ears are connected to the vestibular system and the nervous system.
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