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Fear of dying and not feeling myself

hey , 1 month ago i experienced my first panic attack .. i was like dying .. till today i dont feel normal , i see everything differently , i feel out of this world , i don't feel the same ..my life changed completly ..im so afraid to look up at the sky and during night it is more scary . my keep getting headache and i feel like someone is pressing my head .. i get so many negative thoughts like am gonna die right now , i get negative thoughts about everything around me .. am so afraid to go to sleep wondering if i will wake up the next day ..and the worst thing is that i cant talk this to anyone cause they will not believe in what im going though ..doctor gave me medicine but it does not have a great effect .. can someone of you confirm if am really having panic attack or im dying .. Badly needed help!!"
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The first thing you should do when you think you've had a panic attack is get a good thorough doctor check everything physiological that can cause this -- thyroid, blood sugar, etc.  If your doc didn't do this, ask why.  If your doc just gave you a drug, ask why he or she did this before ruling out something physiological and before sending you to therapy to see if you can work this out without resorting to medication given this is new for you and getting on it quickly might make it go away forever.  If you keep on in this way of thinking it can become chronic.  You're not dying -- panic attacks don't kill.  
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