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HEALTH anxiety , please help me

1) am a severe hypochondriac for the last few months  my anxiety starts with i got a rash in my body , suddenly i googled and they told me that its because of aids , i was worried for several days and took hiv test , the result came as negative
2) after 2 weeks i got an ulcer in my mouth and again i started thinking that am suffered with oral cancer , ulcer gone after 4 days and my worry still there , i consulted 3 ENT and 4 DENTIST, all  said my oral health is fine
from there onwards i started to search cancer and cancer is in ma mind always
3) after one month i feeled that i have a lump in ma throat , again i thinks that am suffered with throat cancer and i went to 3 throat specialist , they did endoscopy and said eveything is fine and lump feeling is due to anxiety
4)after some weeks i got chicken pox and i got treated with strong medcine ,after one week treatment i got fine and docor said rashes will take time to gone
  yesterday i took a CBC test and my wbc count is little high 11900 (4000-11000 is the normal range) from yesterday onwards i started thinking that i got leukemia , i show the cbc results to 2 doctors , they said except wbc all other blood values are normal and this high wbc is due to chicken pox infection , wbc bact to normal with in weeks

i cant accept this in my mind
all the time am worried about ma health
am 23 year old male with 167 cm height and 67 kg of weight
body is healthy and my mind is not

so please help me to overcome this
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This is one of the main issues as an anxiety sufferer. If you look for something on the internet you will always get bad results and yes your wbc will be elevated due to chicken pox.
I was the same I moved from one illness to another. And I still tend to do it sometimes.
You have been tested and nothing has been found you have to accept that.
You should talk to your doctor about getting treatment for your anxiety and STOP googling :)
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Sounds like generalized anxiety disorder. Afraid of pretty much anything that could go wrong. Sorry your struggling, but know your not alone. I google way too much too and it is never a good thing to do.
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Due to my severe anxiety I did a peripheral bllod smear test to rule or confirm leukemia
the test cme back normal and there is "no abnormal wbc seen"
doctor said this will rule out my leukemia worry

But my mind is still not allowing to accept the true :(
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I find myself in similar situations. I am able to look at another's situation and offer advice but not able to apply it to myself sometimes.
The thing to realize is that we are all human and at some point, we will all face an illness or struggle. Try not to base your life around this. You are missing life while you do.
You have been very cautious, more than most people. Everything says you're healthy. Take this as knowledge about yourself that most people don't know and run with it. Enjoy life. Live a healthy active lifestyle. If or when the day comes that you have to deal with an illness, you will be healthier and more able to fight it off. Anxiety is in your head. It's hard to accept, but it truly can cause health issues. If you can move past this, eat healthy, exercise, enjoy nature, enjoy little things in life, you will be able to face anything.
You have a clean bill of health that many people would love to have. Go enjoy it!!
Good luck.
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hello matt I also suffer from phobia disease anxiety if u pull it up on web it willexplain how and why u think constantly of diseases I also did same as u I was at hospital and doctors all the time with my disease phobias and it always came back normal I drove my wife crazy telling her I had a germ my last episode was anthrax because I opened a contatiner that had dust on it and I got a cough so I no how u feel its a terrible feeling the biggest thing to overcome this is DO NOT LOOK SYMPTOMS OF STUFF ON WEB IT IS A KILLER IT WILL HAVE UR MIND WORKING 90 TO NOTHING I HAD TO PUT LAPTOP DOWN FOR 4 WEEKS AND MY PHOBIA STARTED TO DISSAPEAR stay away from doctors unless u cant breath or its a major prob and tell urself I don't care what I have its going to b there anyway THE MIND IS VERY TRICKY it HAD ME IN ER ALOT  good luck
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this phobia can b dangerous because u could run across a quack doctor that will treat u for something u don't have never got to doctor by urself with disease phobia I did and doctor believed my crazy health story that wasn't true and gave me a vaccine for it and now I have severe side affects from vaccine I went from having no body issues to pain all over because of shot so b carefull what u tell doctors and have someone with u that nos ur phobia   good luck man
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Dont know what to do,  am already half died, all the time leukemia is in ma mind,  what to do???

I really dontknow how to overcome this
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Dont know what to do,  am already half died, all the time leukemia is in ma mind,  what to do???

I really dontknow how to overcome this
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Hey Matthew. Sorry to hear about the problems you're having. Anxiety is a cruel affliction to be sure it's bad enough on it's own but then it can turn your own mind against you. So it's good that you know that everything you're experiencing is normal. It can lead to bigger and bigger problems for you. Your health is actually at risk just by letting the fear control you.

You mention a couple of doctors? Have you seen anybody about your anxiety? You most definitely should. There are a large variety of ways to help you. Medications, CBT classes, and other psychiatric methods that are helpful. Don't let anxiety ruin or run your life. Please seek out professional help. You don't need to suffer like this. Good Luck Matthew......ike
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