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Hello, my name is Julia.
My husband has been experiencing some odd symptoms lately. I am curious to know if it is anxiety or motion sickness, or a combination.
His symptoms include:
Throbbing headache
Upset stomach
Accelerated heart rate (He describes as,  "pounding")
These symptoms are very odd because they only occur when we are in a car, traveling long distances, and when we get up early to do both of the above activities. We usually are early risers anyways. It is also odd due to the fact that he is pretty laid back, "anxious" is one of the last adjectives one would use to describe him.
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It could certainly be motion sickness.  Ever tried some dramamine to see if that cleared it up?  I'd also ask, has he recently started some new supplement or medication?  Some multivitamins that contain nutrients that are in a form that isn't very easily digested can cause this, such as iron.  If he isn't feeling anxious it probably isn't anxiety.
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Same with this guy getting anxiety symptoms out of the blue.

I can't diagnose him, so I am not saying he even has anxiety. However, when people get concerned that a health problem exists they over-analyze every twitch, ouch, burning sensation, dizziness etc. searching for clues to a mystery ailment. If you search this board you will find many threads started by someone with all or most of the "symptoms" your hubby has, but the difference is they were diagnosed with no problem, so YOU can tell their symptoms" are non-events, even though it i not possible for many of THEM to accept that diagnosis - the symptoms seem so real!
Since he hasn't been diagnosed, all I can say is sometimes they are right but usually it is just something they used to experience but they ignored it because they felt it wasn't important and would go away.
The fact the "symptoms" only occur during car trips makes it likely they are nothing important and can actually be happening at other times in the day but are not noticed. If concerned, check it out with doc.
Many people have headaches and nausea. The nausea can lead to problems so if it persists I would get that looked at though.
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