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Has anyone had teeth clenching from lexapro

I went on lexapro 10 days ago. Ever since I went on , I have terrible teeth clenching. I bite my tongue in the night on clench my teeth and then my teeth hurt. I use a mouth guard I bought online. It helps but it isn't comfotable.
Does anyone else have this from taking lexapro or any other ssri? Will it go away ? I want to stay on lexapro because I think it's helping but If I keep clenching I will have to go off lexapro.
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Well the SSRI's and other anti-depressents can cause temporary movement disorders such as akathesia and dystonia which are called extra pyramidal side effect (the clinical name for them usually called e.p.s., it can easily be helped and is not something to be concerned about). This might be some form of that. That might mitigate in time but regardless the best thing to do is ask for a side effect pill to help it. If it doesn't go away you could inquire as to other anti-depressents. For more information on anti-depressents, depression and mood disorders in general google "Depression Central".
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