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Have I got anxiety?

Well it started at the end of Feb after a night out I had constant heart palpatations for about 2 and a half weeks had ecg and blood tests all normal. Luckily the palpatations stopped and I was completely fine for 2 weeks. But last Monday I started with the palpatations again it feels like my heart is beating really fast 24/7! For a week they were bad but the last 5 days I have been a lot worse my heart feels like it's beating fast all day everyday, I feel like I'm shaking from the inside, headaches, back ache, arms tingling and chest sometimes is sore where my heart is! Is this anxiety or something more serious? I have been doctors twice and he said he didn't know how the palps started so I'm waiting to have a 24 hour ecg done but I just can't stop worrying! Doctor gave me some propronolol to help slow me down but they made me feel worse so I only ever took the one tablet and ending up going emergency doctors and he checked my heart and pulse and said my heart wasn't beating fast it was about 82 bpm! How is that possible when my heart feels like it's racing constantly? Please help
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