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Health Anxiety

How to reduce worrying about health ? I am suffering from health anxiety. Always thinking about me and my health. For small cold also I think big. Day before yesterday while sleeping in the night, immediately got up
And felt pain in left side of chest. Immediately went to hospital, they checked ecg (normal), bp 130/90, troponin t (0.01), again ecg (normal). Finally they concluded I don't have any problem. Why I am fearing like this for any pain or problem ? I am already taking medication for anxiety. Psychiatrist advised me that medication is not permanent its temporary only. Kindly advice.
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please someone advise me
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I too struggle with health anxiety! It's horrible!  Anytime I feel something that doesn't seem normal I automatically assume it's something dramatic.  I am in the process of trying to get in to therapy.  Do you go to therapy? I know for myself sometimes it helps ease my mind just having someone to talk too.
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