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Hello, I am new here and really needing the support!

Hello Everyone,

I am totally new to this forum as well as new to forums in general as this is only the second forum I have ever joined.
I look forward to speaking with you and not feeling so alone.  I wish you all the best and love possible!

I currently take the generic prozac at 40 miligrams a day and have for the past 5 years.  Friday of this past week being only 3 days ago, I started taking xanax.  I can take as needed and I have 1 miligram tabs.  I started by only taking half at the beginning of the day ( more like late morning, early after noon 11:00 - 11:30)  and then I had the second half later after dinner.  I basically did the same thing the next day on Saturday and then Today being Sunday I waited until about 4 in the afternoon to take half.  

I am trying to find out if I take 1 miligram pill everyday and split it up like I have so far, will I be able to avoid the withdraw effects?  

Please help, cuz I have heard of people taking the same dosage for very long periods of time with no issues, and then
I hear really, really scary stories from others.  I just need to know how at risk I am if I continue at only the 1 miligram a day split up into two doses.  (Splitting the 1 milligram pill and taking one half earlier and the other later.

Any help would be SO appreciated.  

Thank you!
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I answered this on the agoraphobia forum. But you are right to post it here as well. You will get different answers. One that mightn't scare you as much.
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The Xanax was perscribed prn, (AS NEEDED) but it sure sounds to me like you're taking it everyday..............whether you need it or not!
If you honestly and sincerely ARE having anxiety attacks EVERY day at 11:00-11:30 and then again after dinner, you need to get back with your doctor and discuss switching to a long acting benzo like Klonopin. People who need Xanax PRN do NOT dose it when the mouse runs up the clock, they take it when they really NEED it, irregardless of the time! You are NOT taking this potent med as directed!
You wrote:

"I am trying to find out if I take 1 miligram pill everyday and split it up like I have so far, will I be able to avoid the withdraw effects?"

This forum is NOT an on-line course to teach people how to abuse their prescription medications. If you are trying to find out how to avoid w/d from taking a med EVERY DAY, at very SPECIFIC TIMES, when it was prescribed PRN,  I suggest you call the doctor who wrote the script and ask HIS advice. You won't be getting it here.
You also won't be getting any more scripts from him, either. Bummer.
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Hello Green Lydia,

I can definitely say that your picture and name suit you very, very well. lol
Anyhow, for your information I have panic attacks "Everyday".  I NEVER know when they
are going to occur.  They don't happen at specific times of the day.  They always come
when I "LEAST" expect them to and mostly when I am feeling somewhat relaxed and would
never think one would occur.  I will all of a sudden feel something not quite right like a precurser to one beginning and just that alone freaks me out thinking that I am about to have a full blown attack.  I have always tried to just sit down or occupy myself doing something else and breath, breath, breath, and think to myself that I am NOT going to have a panic attack.  I have had to call 911 too many times because I thought I was going to die.

When my Dr. gave me xanax, it sounded like it prevents them from occuring since they relax you so well.  As I said before, I have panic attacks every day so I don't appreciate your pre-mature assumptions and sarcasticness.  Being one of the first posts I received from anyone since being on the forum, I have to say that I am not the least impressed.  I hope I find more sensitive people who understand as opposed to attack me off the bat knowing nothing about me.

I have been kidnapped, raped, physically abused, and held up at the bank as a teller 2 times with guns involved.  I'm sorry that I have panic attacks everyday, but hmmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder why.  I am also a wife and mother of 3 small children who mean the world to me.  In addition, I am a very loving person and run my own Real Estate business.  You may want to learn a little more about someone before you jump all over them.

I will be talking to my Dr. as maybe I don't completely understand how this xanax thing is supposed to work since i JUST started taking them.  I just got really scared when I heard of the withdraw because the panic attacks are enough for me as it is.  I can't imagine having anything additional to screw with my life especially when I have children who mean the world to me.  Chances are I am actually going to stop taking them if the results are that herendous.

I just really need something to help me with this.

Anyway Green Lydia, I can't say it was nice meeting you.

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Hi, since you are still taking it everyday it is in your system and I would think the withdrawal would be the same.  Although I think you should follow your doctors orders, if this is working for you then I would continue with it.  The main thing is that you're not abusing it, and you're still only taking the 1mg. per day. Withdrawal is different with everyone, and you have to be careful and not allow the forums to scare you too badly.  We mainly hear the negatives on here, when there are so many more positive stories out here.  You sound like you're very bright and have persevered in the face of adversity, so you are a very strong person.  You've done well in spite of your horrible experiences.  If I were you I'd research Xanax and make up your own mind, along with speaking with your doctor about your concerns. But there are others here who can offer you some good advice, but don't assume their experience will be yours. Take care....
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hi edeede im not sure why people are getting so mad over this post? i myself am new to this forums stuff. anyways... taking xanax, regardless of how you are taking it, can still cause you to have withdrawls. usually the doctors tell you to take it "as needed", but if you feel like you will have one then take it ahead of time so it doesnt get bad. i have heard good and bad about xanax. i have taken two before in my whole life (not prescribed)... my aunt had to give me one when i was at her house for thanksgiving and then another on new years day...dinners...family all around...crowded...suffocating lol. they helped a great deal. but i cannot get my doctor to prescribe them to me. but i understand why...people abuse them and what not. but i dont think people would abuse them as much if they went through what we go through. My doc has been prescribing me different types of anti-depressants...i have taken   buspar, lexapro, zoloft, cymbalta, celexa, luvox, and a few others,,,,and im allergic to all of the ones ive taken. thats why im trying to get xanax. its bad enough having anxiety EVERYDAY ALL DAY LONG! then to add that with allergic reactions...not a good mix.
i know you just asked a simple question and didnt ask for me to tell you my life story lol but i enjoy talking...a little too much at times. also, its a way for you to understand me as i am understanding you. so i hope ive answered your question. and dont let anybody get to u. i didnt see anything wrong with what you said. i think some people just explode without knowing, thats in no offense to anyone on here. take it as you wish. but please do keep in mind.... no matter what the doctors say.... any drug is habit forming. wether it be the drug itsself or your head. my moms on zoloft and they told her its not addicting..well shes addicted to it. and people can become addicted to ibuprofin as well. its all in your head unless its a benzo (zoloft, etc..) then its the pill itsself. so just be careful. but i see no harm in what your doing. you know your body better then anybody else does! have a good day. if you need to talk or have any questions feel free to ask me!
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Thank you for your comment mammo, it was much more like what I was hoping to find on this forum.  Thank you for your compliments with regard to what I have been through.  Everyone has been through something or other in their lives and thats why I NEVER pre-judge anyone.  I believe everyone acts in a certain manor due to underlying feelings and thoughts.

I have done more research on the medication and I really think I am going to talk to my Dr. about not taking it (xanax).  I just don't like all that I am finding out about it.  I just found something else online that I think I may speak to my Dr. about.  Chances are he won't know much about it because it is not medication, its all natural remedies.
It's called something like "Serdyn" and also "Amoryn".   Who knows if it will work, but it doesn't have any side effects or withdraw reactions.

If you know of anyone who has taken these two herbal supplements as mentioned above, could you please let me know?  I would be interested in hearing what they have to say and how it affected their anxiety, wellbeing, and depression.

Again, thanks so much for your politeness and I plan to continue to use this forum due to you.

Thanks again, and have a great day!

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Thank you so much!  You are so sweet and I completely agree.  I'm glad that your tumor scare came back clean.  What a relief.  I was just about to get off of the forum because I have a LOT to do today, but I saw your post and wanted to say thank you
for taking the time to share a little about your self and understanding me.  I have pretty much decided I think I don't want to take xanax due to everything that comes along with it, but I need to have something to replace it.  You will read from my post to mammo that I am thinking of going a more natural route.  I don't plan to stop the Prozac though.  

Well, I really have to go, but I wanted to say "Hi" and thank you for posting.

Have a good day,

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     I totally understand about the panic attacks.  I have one at least 4 times a week and couldn't imagine having one daily.  I take 4 1mg xanax daily and plan on seeing my doctor about having my dose changed to 2 mg 4 times daily.  They just dont work like they used to.  I have been on them for like 4 years.  Panic attacks can be one of the scariest situations that you could ever be in.  I think that I am going to die, have a heart attack, or the world is coming to an end.   Thank the good Lord for Xanax and for whoever it was that responded to you first about xanax and taking them for fun, it sounds to me like he or she needs to take a couple.  Thanks for listening..  If I can help email me at ***@****.  P.S. I'm a Medical Student at the Medical University of South Carolina.  P.P.S.  About the withdrawls, it depends on how long you take them and the strength.   From what I can tell, you dont take then often enough and your dose is rather small.  So you should be ok.  If you still worry, try skipping a day occasionally.  
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You're welcome. Post your question on the " Alternative Therapies" forum and you will get lots of wonderful advice on there.  Feel free to contact me anytime, and do take care.
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Hello!  Xanax is mostly meant for short term use, due to the fact that it has a a lot of potential to cause tolerance (where you would require a higher dose to maintain the same efficacy) and dependency (where your body would get used to having it in your system, therefore causing w/d's if you stopped taking it).  

Now, don't get me wrong, medications like Xanax have their place in treating anxiety disorders, but one must proceed with caution.  They are best used as a "rescue" med, in other words, to be taken "as needed" (as yours is Rx'ed) in the event of the onset of panic.  If you get to the place where you are requiring it on a more regular basis, it is time to reevaluate your treatment plan with your doctor.  You have been taking the Prozac for a while now. Was it initially prescribed for anxiety and panic? If so, did it help at some point?  If the answer is yes, in my humble opinion, it would probably be a good idea to talk with your doc about either upping your dose, or trying a different SSRI-type medication.  Then, perhaps, you could still use the xanax as it was intended, for the 'as needed" times when the anxiety gets to be too much for you.

What other treatment options have you tried?  Any therapy?  Being that you have quite a tragic history, I think that therapy would be a must for you...and if you haven't had much success with it in the past, then maybe you just need to keep trying new therapists until you find the "right one" for you.  Often times, treatment for anxiety disorders is very much "hit or miss" and "trial and error", and many times it takes a significant amount of trying new things until you find the right regimen for YOU, as we all are different and respond differently to medications and therapy.  What is very important is that you try to remain open-minded and patient during the process.  

I think if you end up not having success with a dosage adjustment of the Prozac, or you try another similar med without luck, then a better option would be to try a long-acting benzo, like Klonopin, such as lydia suggested.  Klonopin is better suited to be used on a regular dosing schedule for the purpose of preventing panic attacks, and it doesn't share the same tolerance and dependency issues that the short-acting benzos like Ativan and Xanax do.  That doesn't mean that if a person is on Klonopin for a long time, that there are no withdrawals, and it still needs to be slowly tapered.  It is just a better choice for long term benzo need.

Point is, there are options for you.  You just have to keep trying and once you decide on a new regimen, you must give it ample time to really assess whether or not it is working for you.  Even a dosage adjustment takes at least 4-6 weeks to really make a difference.

Lastly, be careful adding "natural" meds on top of Rx meds.  ALWAYS discuss the addition of any med (be it prescribed or otherwise) with your doctor first, as there are some potentially significant interactions.

Keep us posted and hang in there!
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I'm brand new to MedHelp and especially to this particular forum.  But this isn't my first rodeo.  I'm dual diagnosis - Bipolar II with GAD and I'm also addicted to Percocet.  I have a history of addiction to cocaine (clean 10 years,) and marijuana (clean 5-6 months.)  I also struggle with an eating disorder.  I've been on various cocktails of head meds since 1992.  

greenlydia, I've also run several successful recovery forums over the past 5 years.  And I must say, your response to member 'edeede1' was the rudest, most unprofessional post I've ever seen ESPECIALLY coming from a forum staff member.  How dare you insinuate she's abusing her medications.  It's blatantly obvious to me that she has no idea about Xanax, period.  And she's here seeking advice from others.  You provided nothing but a rude attitude.  

I plan on still visiting this forum and posting when I feel I can provide some helpful information.  I also hope I'm able to learn from members here as well.  But I truly hope your demeanor is not reflective of this forum, its staff and of its members because you did not set a good example for anyone.  I hope you were reprimanded for the way you welcomed this new member too.

Hey everyone.  I'm new.  I'm really super nice.  Promise!  But I simply couldn't let this go.  This is a place for everyone to come together and support one another.  Not a place for staff members to abuse their power by being rude.

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