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Help locating the Klonopin withdrawl schedule

I know I saw a link to it, but I guess I'm just too anxious right now to read through all the posts and find it.  I think I went down way too fast.  I was taking 2mg at bedtime.  On the 18th my GP scheduled me with a psychaitrist that day to change both my anti-depressant and the Klonopin.  We are working on the Klonopin first.  I've gone from the 2mg to .5mg since that date.  I feel like I did before any treatment at all 11 years ago.  I had hoped never to experience this kind of raging anxiety again.  I was given Mirtazapine 7.5mg at night, but it's all pooped out.  It doesn't have power to aleviate the break-trough anixety during the day.  

I have googled for a withdrawl schedule, but have only found one that uses another benzo as a substitute as the withdrawl takes place.  I don't have an Rx for another benzo.  I'm sure I must have become quite dependant to be suffering so.  I have also started dreaming for the first time in eons, which probably speaks volumns about how this medication has affected me.

Thanks in advance for helping finding the schedule.  The psych just said to take it down "as tolerated" with a goal to be at .5mg by the end of December.  

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