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How to cope with anxiety about snow &ice

I would like to know how you cope with anxiety of driving in snow & icey conditions!  I am extremly  fearful of the snow &ice . I had a accident 2 years ago and have had anxiety attacks since
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Driving on ice and snow makes us all nervous, but after having an accident, I can understand your fear.  I would start out by driving short distances, and keep increasing how far you go.  Take someone with you for comfort in the beginning. But it's best to stay home if you don't have to be out.  I gained a whole new respect for how unforgiving ice is when I had an accident due to it.  But since you are having panic attacks from your accident, you should seek therapy for this.  You need to learn how to get over this fear, which will eliminate your panic attacks.  A therapist can help you work thru all of this.  You should see a psychiatrist for an evaluation and go from there.  Traumatic events in our life create these unnatural fears, but with help we can overcome them.  I wish you all the best and take care.
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I really appreciate your comment . That makes alot of since i did go to see a regular dr. about this he just prescribed meds, he didnt say anything about counseling . I will check into that . You have a wonderful day & great holiday!
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Thanks, you do the same!
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You might also look into taking classes that are offered by driving schools, and in many areas, by the State Patrol, on how to drive safely and defensively in ice and snow.
I'm not entirely in agreement with the above poster who recommends you see a psychiatrist. You know exactly how, when and why your panic attacks began, you understand the root cause of your fears, I would agree that some therapy will help you learn to control and most likely, get over those fears, what I think will help you the most is gaining confidence in yourself to drive in these conditions. If you can't find a class, perhaps someone with experience can teach you the techniques and rules you need to know to drive safely and with confidence. All of us are a bit nervous driving in snow and ice, but if you know what to do, your anxiety drops to "normal" levels.
You can do it, girlfriend!
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