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I am new to MedHelp--Anxiety


I wrote on some of the other boards yesterday when I joined, but I am thinking this is where I should
really probably be.  I know I have chronic anxiety over my health, and I have chronic vertigo and spinning
when I wake up in the morning, along with my legs feeling jelly like and weak, plus I worry constantly about
my health.  Right now I think I have MS, I do have a little bit of high blood pressure, but had every blood
test known to mankind and I do have slight high choloestrol, but other than that, all was ok..  Does anyone
have vertigo with their anxiety, can it cause this to happen and make you feel just really sick, off balance.
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When I get a certain type of anxiety it is like I am off balance and my stomach turns. Things start to feel like they are moving even if I am still. I find it a little hard to walk and will often reach out to grab something to stabilize myself. A little like the distortion you get when you are a bit tipsy, but not drunk. It is the beginning stages of a panic attack for me. If I wait the symptoms go away within 20 minutes of leaving the anxiety situation. Self talk keeps it down. (I am okay, this is just anxiety, it will pass, don't freak out.) Usually for me it only takes a few minutes after leaving the anxiety situation to calm down.

Good luck.
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Hi and welcome!  Vertigo where the room is spinning, or the floor is moving is not related to anxiety, but rather an inner ear problem.  Vertigo is normally something that you just have to wait out.  It will go away and pay close attention to see if turning your head a certain way brings it on....if so by not doing that you can alleviate the problem.  Then there's Meniers Disease that can cause spinning, and there are tests that an ENT can order to determine if this is what your problem is.  Vertigo and Meniers will cause nausea and/or vomiting...it's much like motion sickness.  You can get dizzy with a panic attack but it's different than spinning.  If you're not in therapy to learn how to accept that you are okay, I feel it would truly benefit you.  You don't want to worry your life away...you want to live it.  I know this is easier said than done and this is why I feel you need to get into therapy to learn how to cope better.  We all need help at some point so know you're not alone and that you can get beyond this.  I hope this helps and take care.
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