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I am still sick after having my child.

I have realized that I have no choice but to take my health into my own hands. Nobody is taking me seriously. I was made to feel as though I was ill because of my pregnancy. What can you say about me being sick now that I am no longer pregnant? I am going to spend my own money on blood tests to figure out what is wrong with me. I am tired of dealing with the idiotic doctors and nurse practitioners in the town that I live in.
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Hello~Some ladies are sick after their pregnancy, at least for awhile, so maybe your doctors are correct. How long has it been since you had your baby?

This could be hormonal as well, I would try some "Bio-identical" Progesterone cream, you can get it at any good health food store and some pharmacies. This helps with post-partum sickness and other issues and is completely safe.

I hope you feel better soon.
I have found a primary care physician, and he said that something is definitely wrong. He said that it is not normal to have pleurisy for months. He is also worried, because what I am going through is systemic. He is going to get my records  to look them over.
Were you on antibiotics before this started by any chance, especially for a long period of time or several times?
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Not sure that cream is completely safe -- it has a whole lot of stuff in it besides the lab-produced progesterone cream, a lot of additives.  I wouldn't use it without consulting my ob-gyn.  If it's not a hormonal problem or if it is, if this woman is breast-feeding care is necessary.  There are a lot of ways to naturally impact hormones, the creams can be very useful for some, but again, they do generally have a lot of additives in them if they have the synthetic hormones in them that makes them work.  Although these hormones are generally derived from the Mexican Wild Yam, they are altered in the lab.  I'm not saying they shouldn't be used, many have success with them, but with a newborn and breast-feeding, I would advise more care than for others.  As for getting your own blood tests, there's a problem with that as well -- what are you going to ask the lab to look for?  I know finding a good doc is hard, but blood testing labs only look for what you ask them to look for.  
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I know you don't want to hear this but I have said in many posts to you that your issues seem psychological in nature.  Our bodies WILL react to anxiety and mental health issues in a physiological way.  Couple your intense and extreme anxiety and perhaps Somatic Symptom Disorder with a pregnancy and how your body feels strange and all sorts of things feel just 'wrong' and it is very difficult.  Please read this and tell me what you think. https://www.webmd.com/mental-health/somatic_symptom_disorder#1
What explains recurrent pleurisy, sinus infections, rashes, UTIs, etc.? I have never had these problems before last year.
Why does one big health issue have to be responsible for separate health issues?  But regardless, I'm guessing you did not read the link regarding somatic symptom disorder. It says it is hard to diagnose because of patient resistance---  they are convinced it couldn't be that.  If you are not open to it, then you aren't.  But if you could treat your anxiety and mental health, you may find some things get better.  Your explanation of why which was originally HIV has been fully ruled out.  Keep that in mind.  So, otherwise, we'd have to look at your immune system.  Is it weak? That can be lifestyle influenced. Sleep issues (not uncommon for pregnancy and new moms and stressed out folks), nutritional issues (know that you were vegan I believe you said and perhaps your vitamin quantity and quality and nutrition can be improved), etc.  

You've been to many doctors and had a ton of reassurance.  It brings me back to the psychological aspect.  And that is not to upset you. I understand this is very frustrating.  But I have hope that perhaps if you address the psychological aspect, you can feel better overall.  
I doubt you really had pleurisy, or did you?  Very uncommon these days.  Maybe bronchitis?  Were you put on antibiotics for anything before your started getting those infections?  They are a pretty common reaction the the immune system damage done by taking antibiotics.  
I was diagnosed with pleurisy by a doctor. I had not taken an antibiotic in over three years before all of these infections started popping up.
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I still believe what I wrote to you earlier.  You had the issue of possible mold investigated, correct?  Once that was eliminated as a source, then you have to look at either your immune system being weak due to things like being tired or other reasons, etc. (NO, not from HIV) and also if this is a psychological matter.  If you address this possibly with a psychiatrist, what if you started to feel better?  At the very least you'd be able to discuss the great anxiety you always feel about your health?  so, that's really all anyone here can say.  You have been to lots of doctors.  We aren't going to know something different than them.  I feel really bad that YOU feel bad.  I hope you can figure out the source even if it is psychological so you can start working on it and be a good mama to your little baby without feeling ill.  I really wish you the best of luck!
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