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I can't take it anymore!?

I'm having a mental breakdown. I have social anxiety and it's ruining my life. I finished high school it's been two years now and i can't get a job neither go to college because i feel anxious just talking about it. Whenever i step outside my house i get anxious. I'm not joking. I don't like to go out because it feels like i don't really enjoy it, because i'm worried about what everyone is thinking about me. So i stay home most of the time. It's the only place i feel safe. I wish i could go to college, get a job, go out and do everyday things without almost having a heart attack. I'm crying so much right now, i'm wasting my life. I feel like I'll never get better and be normal. I can't go to a psychologist because my mom can't afford one. I have no escape. The best i can do is pray. But i don't think God will help me. I don't even know why i'm posting here, i don't like to give information about me on internet. I'm sorry i just had to put it all out :(
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I suffer from all sorts of anxiety disorders that i cant control, and one of these days its going to kill me. My anxiety causes me to become paranoid, and Schizophrenia. Today is july 17 2015 8:30p.m C.a. bakersfield time and i just had a anxiety attack yesterday and its still going right now. I was supposed to pick up my baby brothers today but i couldnt cause i cant and i gave there mom some money to take those two boys of mine to the movies today. And i said my goodbye. The only thing stoping me from ending my life right now was writing a stupid journal  on my profile. I really hope you feel better and i know that it feels like its never going to get better, but after going on this site today and seeing how others feel, its actually helped me calm down. So just hang in there and dont give.
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Hey I know how you feel and your not alone , yes dealing with anxiety is very tuff but you can overcome it. Anxiety is fear. And believe it or not everyone has anxiety but ours is magnified times 1,000 because we focus on the negative to hard instead of casting it down like the bible tells us to do , in other words not giving that negative thought too much attention and replacing it with a positive one. Everyday when I wake up I speak out loud positive quotes and scriptures that help me and when I'm driving and I get that thought " your going to crash or your going to loose control while your driving" and I start to believe that thought and feel a panic attack begin to arise, I just say out loud to myself ," I have the mind of Christ, God did not give me the spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind, then I affirm it in me by saying I have self control I will not entertain that negative thought ,but you can say anything that makes you feel better but just know it's a process that won't happen overnight also exercise as many days as possible that really helps and get plenty of rest and meditation , I hope this helps
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Please don't hurt yourself, I know it's stressful and makes you wanna give up on life but please don't your family needs you and you have so much more life to live you can and will overcome this
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You can afford a psychologist -- there are community mental health centers that charge what you can afford.  A few psychologists will do this, though fewer than there used to be.  You have something called agoraphobia, and you need a therapy called CBT -- cognitive behavioral therapy.  You really do need to try and find a way to do this, and soon.  And if you do see a psychologist they can also be helpful in deciding if your situation is so bad you need medication.  I know this is hard to accept because you can only live in the present, but you're very young and that makes it much more likely you will overcome this.  You have resilience you might not have when you're older and definitely more energy.  But you do have to take the first step, and I know it's hard to do and often frustrating, but do try.
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Hey. I'm sorry you're going through this :( It's awful but please don't kill yourself. I know it's hard to not have suicidal thoughts but we have to try. I hope you'll feel better and thank you for the advice <3
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Thanks for the advice <3 I'll try to be positive and have positive thoughts like you said. I hope your you're doing better with your anxiety too.
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I've been to two psychologists before and none of them worked. If i tell my mom i need another one she'll get really mad at me, that's why i keep avoiding it. I wish i could get through this on my own, ugh, i just hate myself sometimes. But thanks for the advice <3
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