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Ive done plenty of research myself, for years and years, if you or if you know anyone who is suffering from anxiety or depression, the one thing doctors forget to do is to get a thyroid function exam, if you can get your thyroid checked and rule out every possible thyroid issue out there, you may solve the issues you have with your anxiety because your thyroid could be causing you that anxiety. GO TO A DOCTOR AND GET A THYROID TEST, it could save you years of harm from taking depression / anxiety medications. xo
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This is why e always recommend people new to anxiety have a very thorough physical work up, to rule out a medical condition that may mimic anxiety/panic, there are several of them.  Most docs will do that automatically, and the thyroid is usually the very first thing they check.
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They never checked it with me, it makes me SO sad that they never gave a **** about me!
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Thank you for sharing your years of research with us, but we are aware that the thyroid should be checked for anyone suffering from anxiety issues.

Thyroid function is nearly always included in a standard blood panel work up, and it will always be included if you're symptomatic of anxiety.

I'm sorry that your doctor(s) were apparently unaware that thyroid problems can, as nursegirl stated, mimic symptoms of anxiety and panic.

I hope you have since gotten a second opinion which included a thorough thyroid check.
From the sound of your post, am I correct in assuming you were mis-diagnosed?

We always tell people they should not just blindly accept a diagnosis of anxiety/panic until ALL other possibilities have been ruled out. (This always includes the thyroid) When, and if, anxiety is the only card left on the table, that is when it should be diagnosed and treated.  
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Thanks for sharing as obviously some doctors don't always check the Thyroid.
Don't be angry, this only hurts you.  Be happy you found the cause of your problem and can move forward with your life.  I wish you all the best!
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Be careful being put on benzodiazapane drugs (anti-anxiety), it is a
quick and easy fix but near impossible to get off of.  Believe me, I
have learned the hard way.  Four years on Ativan, 3 x a day has
now made my mind and body addicted to the dose.  I refuse to up
the dosage and am living through hell everyday.  Try asking questions
before submitting to a drug in the Benzo family.  Also ask if there are
holistic ways of dealing with anxiety and stress first.
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Insanemo, you don't have to request certain tests, the doctors will know what is appropriate.  All you have to do is express that you would like to have the common medical conditions that share symptoms with anxiety ruled out, although, your case is pretty obviously due to HIV Anxiety, which therapy wouold help a lot with.  It's great to have a physical, but I think your case will be pretty clear cut...anxiety realted to HIV.

Paraquack, while I don't disagree that benzos are not a medication to not take seriously, when used properly, they can be a real life saver.  NO medication is a "quick and easy" fix for anxiety, and if you went into medication therapy thinking that, then you ended up stuck in a rut.  Meds are very useful in helping us control our symptoms, while therapy helps us cope and learn.  Short acting benzos MOST of the time should be limited to either a short term course of treatment, or used on an "as needed" basis.  They are not appropriate for long term, regular use, as you found out.

Try having a discussion with your doc about switching you over to Klonopin, which is a long acting benzo, taken regularly, for much longer periods of time.  The tolerance issues are MUCH less significant with Klonopin, and the long acting feature keeps people from experiencing those ups and downs common with the more rapid acting benzos.

Good luck!
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