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Is 5.5 weeks of Celexa a long enough attempt?

Been taking 30 mg for just over 5 weeks along with talk therapy.  My anxiety has decreased significantly as I'm back to work and maybe 65-75%% of my old self.  

I've tried taking at night and in the morning to combat fatigue but just seem to get extremely drowsy at times.  I also have the slight nervous feeling in my stomach a good bit of the time.....good bit of yawning as well.

My MD said he'd let me switch to lexapro or something else if I wanted to change but cautioned side effects with other meds as well.  Kind of a catch 22...I hate to switch if more relief is just around the corner...but at the same time, I wonder if lexapro or other med might be just a little better for me.

Thanks for any help
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I take Celexa.  I was in the same place as you are.  My doctor advised that until the dose is maxed out we were better off upping it.  No drug can be considered a failure unless you have reached the highest reasonable dose and are still not getting enough relief.  Starting a new med is difficult so I would try a higher dose first.
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Thank you lynn...

May I ask what dose you are at....what is the maximum?  I think I recall my MD saying 60 mg.

I also wonder if upping my does will increase my yawning and drowsiness.
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