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Is it normal?

I have been battling with anxiety/depression for a little while now and I have begun to feel like I am not me anymore. Is this normal to feel this way? I am currently seeing a therapist and on zoloft for the time being and it's only been about a week 1/2 taking it but I hate feeling this way. I want me back. I want to laugh again and truly laugh, not just for company sake. I just feel so lost and unsure of who I am at this point in my life which I know is understandable but it's hard to constantly reassure yourself. sometimes you need help. I just want to know if I will be me again...or at least able to laugh again and truly be happy.
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Yeah, it really sucks to feel that way.  You miss the old you and being carefree and excited about something.  I totally understand.  What excites you though?  Maybe you can commit some time to that.  I saw the al gore interview on 60 minutes and whether you supported him or not, it was interesting that his wife described that he "survived" after 2000 by immersing himself in his global warming mission.  It helped him a lot and look at him now.

I sometimes feel like things will suck for a while, but I also felt like that 13 years ago and my life turned out pretty well since then.  It's hard to do it when times are hard but having a little bit of faith in the future really makes a world of difference.
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Scope out my journal entry, "Is it possible? Could it be? (Symptoms)" and see if there is anything there you connect with - Heaven knows, I connect with what YOU said.
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i actually can't believe it! i've found someone who feels exactly the same way as i do. after trawling through several forums you seem to be the only one with similar symptoms as mine.
i don't feel like me either, like i'm living in someone elses body, is that how you feel?
do you have any other symptoms?
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