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Is it safe to take CBD oil and Zopiclone together?

I currently suffer from severe insomnia most likely caused by anxiety and clinical depression. I was put on CBD oil as an alternative to help me with my various issues. The CBD oil either hasn't kicked in yet or isn't working it's still early but out of desperation because I hadn't slept well in a long time I took Zopiclone to help me sleep and i already took CBD oil. Is that very bad for me?
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Whenever you have a question like this, Google the drug and there will be several websites that list contraindications.  This particular drug acts like a benzo, as it targets GABA.  While CBD oil doesn't target the same neurotransmitter -- CBD oil because it has been illegal for so long doesn't have great research on it yet but seems to act on serotonin but not in the same way or same part of the brain as other substances that affect serotonin.  But because it can be sedating, you might suffer double sedation by taking both.  Important to know your source of the CBD oil -- mostly it's made from hemp, which has little to no THC in it, but some comes from the psychoactive marijuana plant which does have THC in it.  That doesn't mean it will be more likely to affect this other drug, but it does mean you have to take that into consideration.  You'd know, of course, because the oil derived with THC will get you stoned.  From hemp it won't.  Also, dosage is a factor, as again, since it's been illegal for so long, dosage isn't really known yet.  It's main use so far in studies is for epilepsy of a certain kind that affects the very young.  Another factor is the source of the oil -- most sources are not reliable as to content.  Only a few brands are reliable.  And it probably will take time for it to kick in and for you to find the proper dosage, assuming it does kick in.  It might not.  What I can tell you is, if you take sleeping pills regularly, it will eventually make your sleeping problem worse.  And it's going to be hard to find out if CBD is contraindicated other than the possible extra sedation because, again, it's been illegal and it will take time to learn this.  We have the same problem with long-used and normally safe herbs and supplements -- because natural anything can't be patented, there's often not the money to do the extensive research to know these things so advice is often based on theoretical outcomes, not actual outcomes that have been reported.  Drugs are new to human history for the most part, and how they interact with other things is often not easy to know until something bad happens.  All the best.
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Its not like lethal is it?
I highly doubt it.  But as I said, do some homework.
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