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Is this anxiety?

Back in March I developed a Sinus Tachycardia it was constant rather than on and off, my resting rate would be at 90 ish and if I got up it was about 120 ish.  It would be pounding and I would get a lot of PVCs/PACs also.  At the time, I had experienced a number of things including giving birth, wisdom tooth infection on the left side and a bad sinusitis thing also.  While I had the sinusitis I got the tachycardia and high bp.  I was then given an ECG and found out I also as well as ST I had a RBBB.  Some doctors said it was SVT and some said it was ST.  Anyway, I underwent all of the obvious tests because I also lost 3 stone within 8 weeks, I was under a lot of stress at the time, especially with marriage problems and my feeling ill all the time also which did not help.  I got checked for things like Thyroids, Infections, all sorts, basically every test I had done was normal.  I had normal everything, textbook perfect.  But I had this sinus tachycardia (of SVT whatever they want to call it) and i was getting moments of anxiety but not all of the time.  I got pins and needles a lot and started getting neuro symptoms and fatigue, I had a neuro exam which was fine, they were not worried and did not refer me for scans.  I had a chest x ray, echo and holter done, it was just noted as an anxiety induced tachycardia.

I was put on Propanolol but I got lots of PVCs/PACs on them so they changed me to 25mg of Atenolol, I was doing great on that and got really confident, I made some positive changes in my life and really felt I was getting well, but then the tachy started again after eating and the rate would not come down, so I ended up seeing my doctor who told me to take 1 tablet in the morning and 1 at night.  It worked for a while, but now, it is as though I am not taking the beta's at all.  Even after taking one my rate is up.  It has no effect.  I asked my doctor why this was and he said it is probably adrenalin as beta blockers like Atenolol are kinda cancelled out with adrenalin.  

Is this the only reason the betas would not work?  I was put on SSRI's but they did not help.  I am considering Yoga however.  I am also struggling to concentrate or type properly too.  I am really worried, and just recently also discovered that a close friend has the exact same symptoms as me and she is having to see a cardiologist.  I don't know if she has anxiety too but it is wierd that she has it also, although I started with it months ago and she's just got it.

Any tips?  Any advice would be good.
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I don't know...but I'm not sure advertising is permitted on the forums?  Plus, it looks like you're pulling OLD threads and repeating the same message?  FYI---that is considered spamming.
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I have reported all of your spamming posts.  Hopefully the CL will see this and do something also.  How incredibly annoying.  This is a forum where we help each other...not a place to advertise.
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