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Is this really anxiety PLEASE HELP ME

Hello guys.
About two mounths ago i started ferlling really weird as i had unprotected sex with a girl and after about two days lots red spots apperared and once i saw them i paniced i was shaking and stuff next night i started felling my own heart beat i was sweating at night couldnt get any sleep as next morning went on i felt really cold dizzy and like not felling my self i couldnt sleep and i was looking for all possible answers and was really worried that i got HIV. So i went to my GP showed her the spots she said it doesnt look like STD got full sti test came back all negative then done like 3 hiv tests all negative and done general blood test it showed my bloods are fine so i kept going to GP like 10 times by the way spots now dissapeared i used to check my self in a mirror if i dont have something new and if i had i would start crying. So went to GP again she said now its might me anxiety and prescribed me antideprressants and i take them and i stopped being scares but all the symphtoms are here 24/7 dizziness (felling like i would be in a dream) then i get fatigue memory loss (speacially if i meet new people then minutes later i cant remeber how they look like) and about a week ago i started getting like burning mouth seansation and it burns my gums as well and fells like my teeth are so sore.

Is this coulds be anxiety? I visited many doctors they said it could be anxiety but i taking medications now and i fell those really weird symphtoms oh and forgot to meantion i get some nail discolouration as well so guys please help me out im only 22 and i dont know believe them or not is this is really ANXIETY???
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Bay the way i dont fell anxious any more but i have all those symphtoms and i spoke to this girl she said she fells totally fine so i dont know what that could be...
You took 3 HIV tests in 2 months, so you are having a lot of anxiety problems even  though you think you aren't. A 4th generation test at 28 days is conclusive so if you did that the matter of HIV can be closed, as long as you are willing to accept the science instead of thinking you might have HIV in the back of your mind.
The fact you are questioning the girl about symptoms indicates you are not accepting the science, so I suggest therapy to see if they can find some ways for you to slow down the fears.

Your symptoms are likely just in your mind from fear getting the better of your reasoning which is natural when you think you are dying. It is unlikely that all the doctors are wrong, and more likely that you are over-estimating your ouches and tiredness into major problems. Therapy might help you relax so you don't have to take medication anymore - What meds are you on?
Im on 20mg flouraxtine but like these symphtoms they are not in my head i feel them physically thats why im so concerned if symphtoms would go away i would be so so happy
Symptoms don't create disease so your fear is making your imagination get the better of your reasoning. That is a natural effect of panic, so until you find a way to accept the science reality - and I strongly recommend a therapist help you  - you will have a rough go of it.
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