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Klonopin/Celexa.. and Xanax?

Hi all.
I am just coming out of a terrible week-long panic episode. I saw an emergency clinic doctor who wasn't  helpful at all, but did prescribe .25 mg Xanax.  When that did nothing for the insomnia and resulting panic, I went to a regular doctor the next day and he prescribed Celexa and Klonopin.  I did sleep last night, thankfully.
My question now is, can I take  one of these low dose Xanax today?  I started the Celexa last night and took 1 mg Klonopin to sleep.   I just want to feel normal again.  
Thanks all
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Don't know the answer, but you need a psychiatrist, not a pcp.
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Thank you both for the great advice.
It's good to hear that Klonopin can be taken long term if absolutely necessary.  I've been taking 1 mg for 3 nights and still wake up with heart pounding in a terror episode, but it is brief and I can fall back asleep.  I hope that goes away soon.
  I can't afford a psychiatrist at the moment, but I do realize I'm going to have to see one.   Being this way sure isn't fun, but knowing this supportive group is out here does help.  Thanks so much
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Just want to add that although Celexa isn't specifically approved for anxiety, neither was Prozac when it first came out, but it did help many people with anxiety.  So has Celexa.  Specific approvals are more for patentability than anything else -- to get a copycat drug patented and approved by FDA you have to show it treats something different than previous medications.  So Prozac got approval for depression, but was always used for anxiety as well.  Zoloft came next, and got approval for depression as well, but was also always used for anxiety.  Paxil came next, and got approved for both depression and panic disorder, but has always been used for all types of anxiety.  Then Luvox, which chose OCD as its "special" benefit.  And so on.  So while Celexa wasn't approved specifically for anxiety conditions, Lexapro, the newest model of Celexa, was.  Of course, it doesn't take much, you only need 500 mildly anxious people and double blind studies and walla!  FDA approval.
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