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Lexapro for anxiety that lead to withdrawal symptoms

Hi, I've been taking  10 mg Lexapro for about three months, and my doctor recently told me to quit taking it so it will be out of my system for my sleep study at the end of the month. I've been off of the Lexapro for around 5 days or so, and ever since I've experienced what seems like a constant headache that seems to be causing nausea. It's getting difficult for me to sit through my classes in college without feeling very ill. Is this normal for stopping Lexapro "cold turkey"?
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Yes, antidepressants can cause weird withdrawal symtopms, like brain twitching and you stuff too. It shoudl go away soon, if not talk to your doctor. But its not fatal. I have never heard of anyone having major problems from going off an antidepressant cold turkey and neither have I and I have been on alot.
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Stopping any antidepressant cold turkey can cause some serious withdrawal symptoms that can last for months.  You should NEVER stop one like this, it's your doctor's responsibility to wean you off properly.  I would find a psychiatrist ( I'm sure your doc isn't one) as they are most knowledgeable when it come to these types of medications. I wouldn't trust this doctor, most lay people know not to stop these meds cold turkey, yet he advised you to do just that.......negligent on his part. They will normally have you go back on the medication and then wean you off, so if you can't see a qualified doctor immediately, call him and tell him what you are enduring and ask about a weaning off schedule.  Good luck and take care.
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I completely agree with mammo.I'm on lexapro 10mg also for the past month and have been takeing adavan for two.But,my doc.told me to never stop takeing it unless he weans me off bec.it will be nothing pretty.Even to get off of the adavan.I need to be weaned off.Have you read about the side effects of this med?I think you should talk to another doctor asap.Everyones body is diffrent and you may just me more sensative to the side effects than you think.But,def.go back and see another doc.Good Luck.Keep us posted.
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