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Lexapro withdrawal

   I have been taking lexapro and klonopin for generalized anxiety disorder. I started on this regimen after titrating off elavil over 6 months which I was taking for 9 years for IBS. Came off of elavil due to a thick sticky saliva and bad taste in my mouth. I started on the klonopin because I was literally shaking after I came off the elavil. Started in January of 2009 - at the peak I was on 1.75 mg of klonopin and 20 mg. of lexapro. With great distress I first got off the klonopin - took 6 months and I have been off for 6 weeks. I have also reduced the lexapro from 20 mg. to 10 mg. in 6 weeks. The reduction in lexapro has made me sweat less, sleep better, be less foggy, improve my vision wihich was impacted and help my saliva problem which I still have. On the other hand, I am dizzy at times, nauseated, have a dull headache where at times my eyeballs hurt, have a queasy stomach that gurgles alot and at time feel like I was hit over the head with a sledgehammer.
Could someone suggest an appropriate titration schedule to get off the remaining 10 mg. of lexapro - as I do this I never feel good - I get to the point where my symptoms are bearable and then go down again - they are never good - I have been in drug withdrawal starting with elavil for about 1.5 years.
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Hello there,

First of all you can start by physical activity and healthy diet. There is a special kind of diet that will promote serotonin production.

Serotonin is synthesized from the amino acid tryptophan.  Thus to produce serotonin, you need tryptophan.  Tryptophan is an amino acid that you can only obtain by consumption.  Therefore you want to consider eating foods containing sufficient levels of tryptophan to help replenish your serotonin levels each day.  The following is a list:

   1. Cottage cheese.
   2. Brown rice.
   3. Avocados.
   4. Bananas.
   5. Walnuts.
   6. Tomatoes.
   7. Soy protein.
   8. Meat.
   9. Turkey is probably the highest serotonin containing food.  Eat turkey to help increase serotonin levels.

Also try Melatonin, it is a natural hormone produced in the pineal gland, which is outside of the blood-brain barrier, acts as an endocrine hormone since it is released into the blood. It helps with sleep and better sleep cycle and i recommend it even more if you withdraw from an anti-depressant. You can try doing some internet research on it it have many advantages.

Good luck on the withdrawal
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