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Many symptoms for 5 years

Hi. Sorry, I am not good in english. I am 30 year old male. It begins with anxiety and IBS with diarhhea 7 years ago, but it didn’t affect my life. All has changed 5 years ago with constant symptoms. I began to have them not in one day, it was a gradual process.

1. Chronic fatigue
2. Brain fog, derealization
3. Anxiety, depression
4. IBS-D
5. Light, sound sensitivity
6. Afterimages, visual snow
7. Constant ringing in ears, tinnitus
8. High blood pressure
9. Gas, bloating
10. Hair loss
11. Weight loss
12. Feeling my heart beat in my head
13. Cracking joints
14. Panic attacks
15. Lots of dreams at night, restless sleep
16. Stuffy nose

During first year symptoms were terrible, I had something like derealization and it was hard for me to go out, I was in a dream like state.

I had many bloodwork done and made different tests. It’s all ok, except this:

My billirubin level is 40, it’s 2x higher, than normal level. I was tested positive with Gylberts syndrom and my doc said it’s nothing to worry about.

My cholesterol level is high. HDL is normal, but LDL is 180.

My vitamin D level is low, its 11 and the lower limit is 30.

Also I have a little elevated antibodies for celiac.

I found a lot of people with similar symptoms and I made a list of possible diseases that can cause these symptoms:

1. Anxiety disorder. All docs say I have just anxiety because all my tests are good. I also think, that anxiety can play a big role in this, but I can’t stop searching another reason.
For my anxiety I tried relaxation, meditation, also made a lot of sessions with psychotherapist. It helped a little.
I also tried different supplements: 5-htp, GABA, St. John’s Wort, but I had adverse reaction - I was very agitated and had terrible insomnia.

2. Chronic fatigue syndrom. My fatigue is much more mental, because of brain fog, than physical. I can do exercises, ride a bicycle, but I rarely do this now.
Also I do not have any pains.      

3. Lyme. It’s the first thing I found in google with my symptoms, with one exception - I have no muscle or joint pain. I do not remember any tick bite. I made all tests available, all negative. I can’t make tests in IGenex or other specific labs.

4. Celiac. As I said before, I have some positive antibodies for celiac (DGP IgA), but it is not very specific. My gene test is negative, but biopsy is positive. I have no immediate reaction on gluten, and my diarhhea is more likely caused by IBS and linked with anxiety. But still celiac - is one of the possible reason.

5. Adrenal fatigue. I made a test myself, my puppils are dilated soon in bright light. But I think that adrenal fatigue is not a separate illness, it is caused by something else.

6. Candida owergrowth. Much is written about it. There is no specific test for it. I crave sugar and carbs, so I try to eat less.

So, I want to hear your opinion, can it be just anxiety? Also I would like to speak with people with similar symptoms.  
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Man it's like you wrote my whole symptoms here. It's unbelievable. I also have problems and no answers from doctors. i made lots of blood tests and nothing except an elevated bilirubin, not as high as yours but it's still high.
I even can relate with the gradual rate of the symptoms,  it's like  i can't catch a break. One goes away and another one takes it's place, it's hell.
I was wondering if you find a cure for the tinnitus?
That is the worse for me, it's driving me insane, i always have to sleep with some noise in the backround.
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I have tinnitus 24h a day, but it is not severe. I think that there is one cause for all my symptoms, I hope it's celiac and i'll be better after months of gluten free diet.
As for bilirubin. I have elevated mostly unconjugated bilirubin, while conjugated bilirubin is usually within the normal range. Also I tested positive for Gilberts syndrome, so I know the exact reason of elevated bilirubin.
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Hey guys, i have exactly same symptoms with you. Did you ever take drugs like cipro, propecia, accutane,proscar???
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No, never.
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Now, after 8 months I feel 50% better. Gluten free diet and metafolin with methyl b12 helped me a lot. I found I have double MTHFR mutation. I now, it's not the reason, but adressing it helped a lot.
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I realize your post is old but I was wondering if you ever got any answers? I've had anxiety for around a year... it began with IBS, moved to tinnitus, and now I have visual snow. I really think it is all anxiety related and I want to gain control of my life. Is there any advice you can offer? I hope you gained control.
This is old, if you make a new post you might get more help.  But you said the anxiety began with IBS -- IBS isn't really a thing, it's a description of poor digestion usually caused by something in your diet.  It doesn't cause anxiety, but anxiety can cause it -- anxious people often don't chew their food thoroughly or eat too quickly or comfort eat foods that don't agree with them to get away from that anxious feeling.  Anxiety is your problem, and that's what you need to focus on fixing, starting with therapy with a psychologist who specializes in anxiety treatment -- that will get you started to treating what seems to be the real problem.
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