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Hi i make things up in my mind and get angry sometimes throw puncher at nothing. this can happen over and over .this has been round sence teens im now 49 thanks chris
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Have you ever talked to any kind of Dr about this? I'm not sure it happens because of anxiety or not. Do certain situations make you upset, or does this happen out of the blue?
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From your teens to age 49 is a long time to have a condition that causes you to have angry outbursts which can lead you to throw punches. Fortunately, those punches have been aimed at "nothing."

Whatever you are making up in your head that can cause an angry and "violent" reaction needs to be evaluated by a psychiatrist. Please know that I'm NOT suggesting you're crazy. There could be a number of reasons for this behavior. A chemical imbalance, a type of depression, possibly an old head injury that you may not even remeber...........But these things all need to be ruled out so the root cuase of ths behavior can be diagnosed.

I'm guessing that since you wrote to us, you'd like not only an answer as to why this is happening but to make it stop. I think you are very wise and insightful to post on a forum like this to seek help.

I would suggest seeing your regular doctor for a full medical evaluation and discussion of what has been going on. He/she will be able to run blood tests that will rule out a great many things and may point to something that needs further review. I believe this would be the best place for you to start.

Taking this to your doctor is the first step in getting better and I'm proud of you. All of us here are in your corner.
We are always here if you need to talk.
Be strong Chris, it's all gonna be good.
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Hi greenlydia thank you but thats one of many such as easly embarrassed lack of concentration  you know  start washing up end up making the bed lol i was born this way i know no other life but i was born with a extremly good long term memory so i intend to write a journal of my life and then take it to the doc i just need to know a name for this condition
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You know I'm not a doctor, so these are simply suggestions as to what MIGHT be going on with you. But you really don't need to know before you see the psychiatrist becuase diagnosing you is exactly what he's going  to do andyou'll know for absolute certain what is causing you to act and feel this way and he's going to know how to treat it and make you better!

From the symptoms you've told us about, the self-talk that makes you angry and causes you to physically lash out, that you have difficulty concentrating, that you begin one task and then find yourself doing something else.........

Remember Chris, these are just guesses from a totally non qualified person....(ME)......you must not assume ANY of these are correct until you've seen your doctor.

You may have some OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
It could be ADD/ADHA (Adult Attention Deficit Disorder)
You may even have Asperger's Syndrome (High function autism)

And maybe you've never heard this before, but they say that "anger turned inwards is depression."  Maybe somewhere inside Chris, you've been very hurt and your angry, but don't know how, like most of us, to get it out.

Please see your doctor. I think after 49 years you deserve some peace in your life and definitely inside your head.

Please stay in touch with us, OK? We're all cheering you on!
Peace & Hugs
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Hi remar i havent seen a doc for this condition but i have for anxiety and depresion .sometimes just out of the blue about  a scenario iv made up or for something that happend years ago i think im past fixing i was born this way  this never happens around people justwhen im by my self.im know more interested finding out what this is called .
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Greenlydia is great and she has mentioned possible things that may be going on with you. I think the best thing to do is work with a Psychiatrist or therapist. You really do need to find out what's going on. You are not past fixing anything. 49 is not old. You have many years ahead of you and it would be great to find out what's going on so you can get a diagnosis and treatment.
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