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My New Anxiety - A unwanted friend...

Started noticing my anxiety symptoms Thanks Giving 2011. I felt a little dizzy. Then one weekend on Sunday before going back to work I had a panic attack. I never had one before, I went to bed and I felt that I could not lay down and just be there on the bed. I had to get up, then my heart started to race, I got really scared and put on my clothing and was about to go to the ER. I calmed myself down. After pacing around for a long time, I went to bed. I felt dizzy off and on, but now it seems like it is starting to be part of my life. An onset of a panic attack came and I calmed myself down. Went to eat out one day, had car problems, could not sit in the inside seat, lost my appetite. Went to the doctor, she gave me some meds that she says I can take before I go to bed if I feel panicked and can't handle it. I don't want to take them. Got so dizzy this last weekend, finally it stopped on Sunday. Was OK at work today.... came home. My 2 year old was crying and in a fuss, screaming. I quieted him down, and took him a bath. After the bath I am sort of dizzy and feel unreal. How can I be a Dad if my toddlers screams put me into this state? I hate being this way.  
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Hiya,you are not alone promise you,it is all down to anxiety,i started with mine 8yrs ago,i was only 30 yrs old when it happened,i dont have anxiety like i used to have,with the help of these sites you will get there,if you need advice just send me a reply x
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Sorry that you are going through such a hard time right now...Please know that you are not alone.

It really does sound like what you are experiencing is due to anxiety (although I am not a dr and can not make that diagnosis), alot of what you are experiencing are things I have gone through myself.

Honestly, the best way to overcome anxiety is to face it.  When you start having attacks try and focus on something else or try writing in a journal.  Seeing a therapist is  a great first step in overcoming this.  My therapist has been such a huge help in dealing with my anxiety.

It might not be a bad idea for you to go for a physical because sometimes something like a vitamin defiency can add to anxiety.

Just know you are not alone and and you can get better.

Good luck.....
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