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Nauseous at night until I throw up (usually in the morning)

I've been experiencing this problem for 8 years or more. The thing is that when I go out (I don't drink alcohol), after arriving home and getting into bed I start overthinking about the whole night, I get nauseaous and my head starts to feel like it is full, and i feel like it is really hot in the room. Usually after this I will throw up only once at night or in the morning (that means I couldnt' sleep). If I try to eat something in the morning things will get worse until i finally throw up. After throwing up my head starts to get clearer and I start feeling better, so I can start eating a bit at lunch until I fully recover my appetite 1-2 days later. To avoid this I try to reduce going out for at least 7 times a year.

But this is not the only problem, when I go on holidays (if the place is too hot) I start feeling the same at night, and the consequences are exactly the same. Worst of it is that I moved out alone to a hot place, and first night you can imagine the result, i tried to drink juice and final I throwed up, I'm feeling better (I still haven't eaten) but I'm afraid that the second and following nights will be the same.

It is important to note that when I am experiencing this symptoms then I think about getting ill because of this, so it feds back to get even worse.

I'm a man, 21 years old and thin.
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What kind of juice? Orange is acidic and not easy for some people.
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Apple Juice
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Apple juice is awfully sweet, but I guess that's besides the point -- I suspect you've tried eating a lot of different things.  If anxiety is doing this, then you need to tackle the anxiety.  Have you ever tried relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises or meditation?  Do you exercise?   And have you ever tried therapy with a therapist who specializes in anxiety treatment?  Do you eat when you go out and go to bed soon after eating?  Have you ever tried supplementing with magnesium when you get home?  Just some thoughts...
Yes I've tried eating a lot of different things, when this situation happens to me I need to start eating small meals of light food (yogurt or some fruit) until I fully recover in 2 days or so and can start eating normal food (steak with potatoes for example).

+Have you ever tried relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises or meditation?
-I have tried the exercise of breathing slowly and exhaling through the mouth, rarely it works for me (if I do it when i get to bed it can help me to sleep, however if I am not able to sleep, the next morning this exercise won't help me at all).

+Do you exercise?
-No, I don't exercise nowadays, but I did it some years ago and the problem continued to appear. I'm planning on starting to do some pushups and abs, but once I start to eat a bit more because I'm too tired today in this condition.

+And have you ever tried therapy with a therapist who specializes in anxiety treatment?
-I hace considered it but I think that he/she will prescribe some drug and I like to avoid that situation.

+ Do you eat when you go out and go to bed soon after eating?
- Yes, i eat but I will go to bed like four or five hours after eating.

+Have you ever tried supplementing with magnesium when you get home?
-Could you elaborate on which are the benefits of that? Is magnesium related with anxiety?

Thank you so much I appreciate it a lot.

By the way this night I slept well and today I could eat more food.
Sorry, the magnesium.  Magnesium helps with digestion, anxiety, sleep -- all the things you're complaining about.
Gotta exercise.  Cardio is really good for anxiety.  Therapists don't prescribe meds -- psychiatrists do that, and they rarely do therapy.  A psychologist does therapy, but doesn't prescribe meds.  Meditation and breathing exercises can be really helpful.  Your diet sounds like it can use some help.  All in all, you sound like some good old fashioned homework and research on diet, exercise, overall health, and what therapy is might give you some ideas of things to try.  Good luck.
Ok, i will do cardio exercises every day and eat healthy food (I will try to eat also food that is rich in magnesium, recently i did a blood test and everything was between the expected range).

If these episodes start to appear more frequently I will consider going to a therapist.

Again, thank you so much.
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