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"Nocturnal Anxiety". How do I overcome this?

Hello there.

I sometimes get the fear of dying at night, whenever I attempt to get sleeping. It jolts me every time I close my eyes and I always have to open them.
Sometimes it's a sharp, deep breath through my nose in panic and sometimes it's a long, deep gasp through my mouth and I sit up very quickly; very panicked.
There are even times when I throw myself out of bed, turn the light on and get pacing around as if I'm trying to stay alive!
I have learnt that focusing on the feeling makes it worse, but I can't help it. I really can't!
I've tried reading, audiobooks, film and tv, meditation music, but to no avail.
It's brutal and I'm very tired, but scared to sleep.
It's a catch 22! Anxiety attack triggers negative thoughts and negative thoughts trigger anxiety attacks!

I've also tried using Bach Rescue Remedy: "To comfort & reassure".. You put four drops on your tongue or in a glass of water.. It's basically an alcohol solution with herbs and/or flowers in it..
I'll be perfectly honest, I don't know if it's working for me, but others swear by it.. (Search 'Bach flower remedies' on Amazon, if interested in trying it.)

This is a truly disturbing feeling and I don't get it too often, but often enough! :(

Does anyone know of any other ways I can overcome this?

Many thanks,

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ok your not going to die

lets satrt with only water 3 houres before bedtime nothing else

ok now a hour or two before bed turn off tv go to a quiet no noise place low lights

play your farvorite relaxing mps not wild not ones that make your mind race but relaxing me instramental classical piano etc

now focus imagine the most relaxing place you know parks whatever

see that pitcher focuse nothing but that thats all you see and think

talk to your self in your head repeating i feel good i feel relaxed i feel my troubles drifting away

start saying my body is numb this is self hypnoses you focus and control your mind you train yourself how to take back control of it all

here these may help you






give that a try and get back to me
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