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PLEASE HELP: Anxiety/depersonalization

I'm 18 years old and just started suffering from depersonalization last week. In addition, I have had physical illnesses as well: weakness, watery mouth, feel like I have to vomit, faint tingling in fingers and head. My body hasn't been as alert as it use to either. Whenever I laugh hard, it doesn't hurt my chest like it use to. My body feels empty, like it's shutting down. Am I dying? The thought will NOT escape my head everyday, it's terrifying. I just want to lie down all day eventhough I'm not tired. Not sure if this is helpful but I live with my mother and her boyfriend who smoke everyday. It worries me because I have two younger siblings. Are the signs of anxiety or something else?
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Have you seen a doctor?  Rather than depersonalization you sound like you have the flu.  Stay off the internet looking for symptoms, it will just scare you.
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