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I have panic disorder and trying to come off my meds for baby. Im 30wks pregnant and have had 2 panic attacks in the past 5 day since stopping my 50mg of zoloft. During an attack i start to hyperventilate, to the point that i think i might pass out. And my baby belly get suuuuuuper tight to the point that i wont feel my baby move for a while. And when he does start to move again it's faint and slow. Sometimes i get to where i wanna go to the hospital to check on the baby because the tightness scares me. I took jst 25mg of zoloft after this last attack because i just cant take it. I need advice. Has anyone been thru this pregnant?? If so howd did you cope?? Is the stress from an attack worse for the baby than the medication that prevents it?? Could a panic attack trigger preterm labor? Or cause serious problems for the baby. I just dont know what to do. Which makes me worry even more.
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Did you taper off slowly or just quit cold turkey?  This is too late to be said, but this is something to be done before you get pregnant so you have time to taper off slowly and avoid withdrawal symptoms.  I'm a guy so I've obviously never been pregnant, but the reasons to not take the meds is to avoid birth defects and to avoid having a baby born with a brain on meds.  As to the rest of your questions, they are best directed at your obstetrician, assuming you have one who talks to patients about such things.  
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anyway not take any antipsychotic drugs as it can affect your baby.

to control panic attack trying some safe beta blockers is sufficient. consult your doctor and will prescribe you suitable.
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Is not a good ideea to take drugs when your pragnet. It can affect the baby.
Go make some CBT and read Dr. Clarie Weekes books Hope for your nervs
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