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Can stress cause strokes or heart attacks even if all factors are good (i.e low normal bp, np bad chol, triglycerides, etcc...) ?? Is it possible?? Also is it possible you cant be stressed and not experience physical symptoms??  I don't want to take antidepressants if I can avoid it.  I took Zoloft 16 yrs ago and they caused me a lot of issues.
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I might add to what specialmom said and you said, Zoloft is not the only antidepressant. If you get to the point where a prescription is being considered, talk to the doc about the issues you had, and what can be prescribed that doesn't do those things. Another thing to keep in mind -- in at least some tests, exercise has been shown to be more effective than medication for anxiety and depression. If you aren't exercising enough, you might start with that.
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So, uncontrolled anxiety and stress are risk factors for heart health issues. When you are anxious, you release a lot of hormones that circulate and accumulate if it happens frequently. https://www.heart.org/en/news/2020/02/04/chronic-stress-can-cause-heart-trouble  While you don't have high blood pressure now, enough stress over time can lead to it. That can lead to heart attack. Also, when stressed, we sometimes don't take great care of ourselves. We may eat 'bad' food, we may not exercise, we don't sleep. all of this can play a role. Best to control the anxiety.
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