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So i'm a 19 years old and recently i've been getting very very bad anxiety/depression. This first started to happen about 6 months ago. In the beginning of it all i was able to go to the doctors and try to get help. I tried zoloft and that didnt help me, it just made things worse. I stopped taking that and decided to try counseling. That didnt really help me either. I made another appointment at my doctors but i had a mini breakdown in the parking lot and now am unable to go to the doctors at all. My dad takes Paxil for his anxiety and depression and sent me a couple weeks worth. It worked like a charm (i actually felt normal for once). i only started to notice it helping me when i was out of my supply but my dad is unable to send me more because he needs it. i told my doctor about this and they tell me i have to make an appointment and go in and see them to get a prescription for it but i am already feeling my anxiety coming back so i already know i cant go in. is there anyway to get paxil without having to see a doctor or anything i could do?
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Paxil is one the most difficult meds to take and especially to quit, so nobody's going to give it to you other than a quack unless everything else is tried first and they can monitor you.  That's just how it goes.  Can your dad take you to the psychiatrist for a chat?  
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thats what everyone keeps telling me but it works for me from the 3 weeks i took it for. I'm gonna try to change doctor offices and see if i can suck it up and handle it. My dad lives out of state sadly. I just know for sure once im taking it regularly i'd be able to go to my current doctors office without a problem. It's just hard to make an appointment because my anxiety dictates when i can and cant go out of my house. Ive tried to go to the walk in care on one of my good days (low anxiety days) but they told me i had to make an appointment with my normal doctor.
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Whatever you do for medication, please try a form of therapy called CBT.  Might work, might not, depends on how hard you're able to work at it.  I was on Paxil for several years, it didn't get rid of my old phobias but did prevent me from getting new ones.  But there are other meds out there that are easier to stop taking, and once you're on Paxil they may not work for you because Paxil for some reason is a lot stronger on the system.  But if you do take it, please if you decide to stop taking it do it with a psychiatrist who has the knowledge and caring to help you through it -- that makes all the difference.  If it were me, I'd start with Prozac or Lexapro and see if they help, but it's not me.
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Great advice Paxiled. Some therapists do not do CBT and it really is a great type of therapy. Try to find a therapist that does know about CBT.
I also took Paxil and it started working really fast. After a few years when it quit working it quit working just as fast and was very hard to get off of.
I would also recommend a med like Lexapro because it seems to be smoother and much easier to quit if  the times comes to do so.
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