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Premonition of death in family or anxiety

Several weeks ago, in a fleeting thought, I had a vision/premonition out f the blue that a death in my family was imminent. A few days later, my nephew died. Now I've had another vision or premonition. This time it was a similar fleeting thought, but this time was specific, my brother.

I have had issues with anxiety for the past several years that started with some health issues I was unable to get diagnosed. Ever since that time, I have had trouble dealing with anxiety. I have had some of these premonitions before, especially about my mother who is in end sage COPD and on hospice the past year. I've had thoughts about bad things happening to family in the past but nothing that coincided with any particular event.

This episode about my brother only differs from the one about my nephew in that this time the "Who?" was specific. I did not get any guidance to share these premonitions with anyone, and did not act on them. As for the latest one, I'm still worried sick as my brother is driving 8 hours to Chicago tomorrow and will be staying until the weekend, coming home, then going back the following week. He was talking about whether to drive of fly. I wanted to try to convince him one way or the other, but didn't get any guidance on the situation, so I didn't say anything.
The event that coincided with this vision seems to have come about when I learned he was traveling 10 hours round trip to take my aunt back home who they picked up while in a nearby city for his former boss' funeral. I was concerned something bad was going to happen the whole time. Both trips he made without incident and I felt a huge relief. Now that I've learned he's traveling again, I can't shake the vision I had.

How do I separate a premonition from anxiety? I had no real identifiable anxiety preceding the premonition of my nephew's death, it was just a fleeting thought and non-specific. The latest vision was specific to my brother, but nothing else, and occurred in a time of high anxiety for me. Dealing with my recent loss, and some other health scares that were unfounded really had my anxiety pegged.

Freaked out and not sure how to deal with this right now.
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Is there such a thing in real life as premonition?  There is coincidence.  How many of your "premonitions" have come true?  I believe that what happens in the mind is a function of imagination, and imagination is a function of intelligence and the way human brains work.  They collect information and store it in ways we don't exactly understand.  Dreams are one part of this.  Premonitions are another.  By coincidence, some of these are bound to come true, because everyone eventually dies so sometimes a premonition about death will come true.  I would try to think of it more as a fascinating aspect of human life and your life rather than a truth.   I have no doubt there are people who have extraordinary sensitivities to certain aspects of life that makes them indeed gifted.  But most of the time these people are wrong.  They only broadcast it when they're right.  I used to write fiction a lot, and when I was particularly involved in it ideas just came from some voice whispering in my ear.  But it was really just my voice and my imagination and the way my brain happened to work.  It certainly didn't make me a great writer, it just made me a writer.  It's wonderful to revel in the magic of life, but no fun to revel in the dark side because life is so full of things we don't want to happen.  Life is just better when you look at these things in the rational light of day before before becoming consumed with it.  How do you deal with it?  Go out and do something you love.  
Couldn't have said it better.
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