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Prozac/Xanax interactions?

I'm currently taking xanax, and will start prozac tomorrow. Does anyone know of any possible interaction between xanax and prozac taken together? My doctor says he's not aware of anything,  But I just wanted to get some opinions from people who may have first hand knowledge or know of someone who does.  

So I guess do benzos and ssri's mix well?  

I really need the xanax untill the prozac can kick in.  And I really need the prozac because I can't keep taking this xanax, the prescribed dose is already losing it's effect.


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Hi Doug,

I just put Prozac up in "Search Medhelp" and it says the two DO interact.  To what extent, it doesn't say.  You might want to call the pharmacy about this, but if the interaction was something to worry about, it would have been caught at the pharmacy.  That is, if you filled both scripts at the same pharmacy. : )

I took benzos and SSRI's for a LONG time and I know lots of people on here do so I would kind of doubt there is any interaction to worry about.  It could just be the simple fact that when taking both, you get a little more drowsy, but that's only a guess.

OK?  Hope this helps  
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I agree with FMSMKR.  I think it's pretty common to be prescribed both an SSRI and a benzo for this disorder.  I was on prozac once and have been on xanex forever (a long time with both xanex and paxil).  Never noticed any interaction at all.  After the prozac kicks in, be sure to taper off the xanex and don't stop it abruptly and you should be fine.
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I have a close friend that is on a high dose of prozac and is also on xanex and has been for a long time.  Before the xanex she was on klonopin with prozac.

I usually run any med questions by the pharmacist and since you've already asked your doctor, it wouldn't hurt.
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It is very common to be prescribed a benzo like Xanax along with an SSRI.  While there are some interactions, remember that most interactions occur with many medications.  It is especially common to use a benzo while you are starting an SSRI and then start to taper off as the SSRI 'kicks in.'  I agree with the people here; just express your concerns with your doctor and another great resource is your pharmacist who fills your prescriptions.  
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I know this is a really old thread but I came across it as this combo of drugs is still being prescribed. My doctor told me that the main thing to watch out for is the effects of xanax are extended when taken with prozac so you can expect to be under the influence a bit longer.
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I am on prozac, xanax and a steriord. I feel like I am going crazy is it the pills or am I going crazy?? I can't remember anything from 5 days ago and people that I thought that I have talked to I haven't in a long time I have been having the weirdest dream and nightmare ever is this the drug or is it me ?? I am also on troporal for my blood press .
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I just recently was put on prozac and xanax together in order to help me get off the high dosage I was on of Xanax before so It is perfectly fine to take them both together. Just stay away from St. Johns Wort!!!! and dont abuse the Xanax take a low dose about twice a day for example I take .5 xanax 3 times a day with 1 20mg prozac daily and I feel such great improvements. Before I was taking 6 mg of Xanax a day.. that was pretty crazy.
Good luck ;o)
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Out of all the reviews on taking Prozac and Xanax together !  I've been on Xanax for years, and up to 2 mg at nightime.  Just started Prozac a week ago(20mg). And was told to take that at night!  I've been wondering how to wean myself off Xanax, but am kind of scared because I've been on it forever!   Right now I'm a little anxious and I'm wondering maybe I should take the Prozac in the morning ..the Xanax was prescribed for restless leg syndrome, but now I can't sleep without it !
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I have been prescribed Zoloft and Ativan together so I wouldn't worry about it. I am no longer on either
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Im prescribed xanax to have been since I turned 18 years old. Im also prescribed prozac, for some reason I cant remember a damn thing either. I dont get it!!
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those medicines are not candies you yanks are always taking things to the extreme and obsessed with the brands is more like a placebo effect since you yanks hear and watch all those lunatics in reality tv promoting those brands.
the very true is that they both are prescribed together usually 0,5 de alpraolam/20 mg fluoxetine fore moderate anxiety  IF is a major disorder the choice shall be Trazadone 50mg. oh by the way those treatmeants are no longer than 30days at home or 90-120 in a psychiatrist clinic/centre
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Hi there...yes I am on the same! Got pneumonia and they put me on steroids for 3 weeks...the withdrawals afterwards were horrific, so they put me on zanax .  I have been on Prozac for depression for 6 months, which was well under control until I was given steroids(prednisolone).. I have been told I will slowly get better and I m not taking zanax every day, as it is ver addictive.  Try to take it easy, remember it will gradually go away and hang in there...it is very distressing and Doctors do NOT give enough warning re the dangers of prednisolone.
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