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Prozac and xanax

hi since march 3 i have been on prozac and xanax i have depression and anxiety...im a bit bettter but my dr said prozac is very stimulating and im not finding that im still depressed and dragging around....are others on prozac and xanxax with luck.....dr is thinking of adding a amphetimine when i next go back to see him...im thinking like ritalin or something....its been almost a month shouldnt i feel better...does xanax make the prozac not help with depression or something?
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What haven't you been on? You ever think of ringing the guinness book of records and see have you set a new record? You never know. But I would agree with Nursie. A bit more time is needed. There are only so many forms of medications out there. They will run out of things to put you on at your pace. Just hope this lot is the answer to all your prayers. Then you can begin to enjoy life again.
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A lot of times you need longer than a month to determine how a med like Prozac is going to work, and personally, I wouldn't recommend adding another med to the mix until you give this a little more time.  Plus, you have a history of not doing well on several medications.  I would discuss this in length with your doctor...that you'd rather proceed conservatively with any med changes....you need to try to stick it out a bit.  I know it's hard, but in the past, you've ended up feeling worse when making a lot of med changes. Also, I wouldn't recommend a med like Ritalin at all in your situation.  I think there are better options out there.  Personally, I would think that trying to stick with just the Xanax at a dose that works would be a better option than adding to your regimen!  Good luck!
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