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So the dr prescribed me prozac for my anxiety after we found out I am allergic to lexapro.  Can anyone tell me if they have had any luck with prozac.  I am disappointed about the lexapro because even though I was only on it for 3 weeks it was really helping me.  I just hate starting new meds....
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I was on Prozac for several years with excellent results.  I had to eventually switch to Lexapro because I  had built up a tolerance to it, which tends to happen with these types of meds.  I feel Prozac is one of the better meds, but it's different for all of us.  Take care and I hope it works for you!
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I have never taken Prozac but hear that it helps many people. That's a shame you were allergic to the Lexapro since it was helping you. I know other members here will give you their experience with Prozac. I hope it helps you. Keep us up to date. Remar
What symptoms did you have to make him believe you were allergic to it?
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