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Really Scared

Monday I have to go for my yearly physical and like usual I am terrified.  I feel sick, anxious and powerless.  The doctor I see is competent but her "bedside manner" just turns me into a shaking, shivering coward.  She always finds things wrong with me, sends me for countless tests and doesn't give me any information at all.  This just makes the anxiety even worse.  I also have another test next week which gives me a lot of anxiety.  I'm in Canada and it isn't easy to change drs.  There isn't much more I can say.  There have been a lot of negative things going on with me and this physical is making me beyond anxious.  I can't stop crying because of the fear of going and of her finding something wrong with me.  I'm over 40 and it seems that my age makes her see me as a walking dead person.

I hate being anxious.  Any advice on how to get through this?

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It must be quiet out here if I'm talking to myself  lol

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lol i know physicals etc make you nervous im sure you will fine, im the opposite i love tests so i know im healthy!!! if the doc makes you nervous picture them naked or pull faces behind their back thats what i do,  i usually end up giggling and lookin completly crazy but i blame it on the nerves!! dont cry you will make yourself even more worked up.

big hugs for you and a tail wag for miss puff from the mad haha x
p.s let me know how you get on :-)
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Do what I do and just don't go... the minute I cancel the app. I feel so much better... I have come to terms with something lately and that is we all die, and it doesn't have to be health related... I could get hit by a car tomorrow.... if you fear the doctor and you feel fine other than anxiety, I would just cancel the appt. until you have prepared yourself for it...  You are in conrol of wheather you go or not, remember that..
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I made the appt back in Feb/08; that's how long of a wait it takes to get an app't for a physical.  However, I've been thinking the same thing you just wrote - if it's so stressful, why am I going?  I need meds for cholesterol and she won't prescribe them if I don't go for a physical.  Sometimes I even wonder if the cholesterol meds don't make me sick.

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i don't believe in meds... my mom takes cholesterol meds and her cholesterol was fine to begin with , but now her liver emzymes are all messed up... i think pills just make us weak... I believe the body knows hoe to fix it's self...
Just my opion though... if you eat right and stay active you will be fine....
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I think you're right - one of my cats is 23 yrs old and he's only been to the vet once to be neutered.  We're overmedicated and scared into believing in drs and meds so companies who make the meds can make money.  All drugs have side effects.  You do make sense.

Scared - thank you for your comment.  Miss P says hi to mad.

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Still terrified  = (

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Hi there you dont say what you have to have a pysical tests for/ I like you are terrified of tests but once you go and get the all clear it will put your mind at rest for another year. I was put on colestrol tabs and they wernt for me but please dont stop any meds before you check with your doc, as for the doc making you feel worse just remember there only human just like us we dont have to put up with there attitudes, they poo out the same way has us and there no better than us just tell her or him of your concerns and always remember you dont have to do anything you dont want to.
good luck
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if it really does scare you that much then take charlottes advice, i wouldnt do it if i was so petrified. do you feel ill or any concerns the doc needs take a look at? if not leave it, we dont have yearly ones here we just go if were ill or anxious lol.
P.s forgot to tell you there was a horse race here and one of the runners was called lonewolf so i put a bet on and won £160 x
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On the Ellen show this morning there was a Dr. Neal Barnard who has written numerous medical books. He stated that his mother had high chol. and her Dr. said she should t ake a statin. Since she didn't want to do a lifetime of meds. she finally read her son's books and went off of all dairy, cheese and meat for 6 weeks. Her cholesterol went down 70 points.  
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i'm from canada as well, and i know how difficult it is to change doctors. my doctor is retiring at the end of the year, and referred me to another doctor to switch to, and i couldn't get an appointment to just MEET her until november. that doesn't even guarantee she will take me on as a patient. and no one else seems to be taking on new patients either. but if you doctor really is that terrible, look around for a new one, but keep her for the meantime. a doctor really shouldn't make you feel worse. they're there to make you feel better!!

i have anxiety when going to doctor's as well. but the way i calm myself down is to tell myself that i shouldn't be afraid of a doctor, because even if there is something wrong with me i'd rather find out and be able to fix it rather than wait until it's too late and feel even worse. it's probably hard for you to tell yourself that though, what with having a terrible doctor. but do know that you anxiety will subside after the appointment. you will figure out what's going on, and have more of a sense of control over your body and whatever it's doing. PLUS, you can feel super proud of yourself for going even when you were scared to. :)

good luck, and i hope all goes well for you.

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