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Repetitive Adrenaline Surges

Good day to you.  I've recently had symptoms that made me think I was having a heart attack.  After two trips to ths hospital, appropriate tests (all negative for heart attack) and some prescription meds (metropolol to keep my heart rate slow and steady per/doctor and nexium because my mom said she had all the same symptoms and it was reflux)...the only symptom I am left with is the feeling of adrenaline surges when I am trying to sleep.  It is accompanied with the feeling that it's hard to pull in air, like my lungs won't expand or I'm trying to breath pudding.  These feelings were giving me fullblown panic attacks that I thought were heart attacks, but since starting the nexium, I feel like my heart and lungs have been released from a vice grip.  But these 'surges' of adrenaline are still kind of frightening.  I often have them every couple minutes when I'm really tired and try to go back to sleep right away.  Constant adrenaline surges, feels like my heart is racing, but it's actually not.  Feels like fear, but I'm not afraid of anything.  Could this just be anxiety?  I wasn't feeling worried about anything until some of these symptoms, then got worried about my heart and entered a vicious domino circle.  Doc gave me klonopin to take at the onset of anxiet, but I think I'm more afraid to take another pill than I am of the adrenaline surges.  Do you have an explanation for such consisten adrenaline surges?  Is there something I should be considering besides heart and anxiety, like CNS problems?  I appreciate your help.  Thank you.
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Hi, Yes It is anxiety and adrenalin surges sounds like---- no fear, just take the klonepin he gave you and do anxiety  classes somewhere and get books on reframing your thinking patterns.  Take meds to stop anxiety in the meantime- You'll be fine-- I have always gone thru peiods in my life like this...Dont forget to get off the sugar and caffeine.
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hi, my name is david jenkins and i am a 19 year old freshman in college. i think i have a similar situation. during the summer going into my freshmen year of college i had an adrenaline surge situation that caused me to go into afib... now whats funny is i had never had any history of any heart problem.the cardiologist did chest xrays and took blood but they all were fine... anxiety and panic runs deep in my family... i also have these adrenaline rushes that start in my stomach and rush up thru my chest and neck causing pounding beats or palps..... ive been recently prescribed celexa.... does this sound like anxiety?
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I have had similar symptoms recently and just went to the endochronologist.  She is running a couple of 24 hour urine tests to determine if there is a malfunction of the adrenal gland caused by a growth.  You should not let a doctor simply give you anti anxiety pills and go on your way. These pills will work in the very short term, but simply mask the very real symptoms.   Often times these things have concrete physiological causes that can be quantified and treated.  Even if they are in fact true "panic attacks", you should persue physhological counseling and/or hypnotherapy to help you to manage the underlying issues.  Simply taking pills or thinking possitively is passive and generally completely innefectual.  Believe me, I tried for weeks to "ignore it so it would go away" and it simply does not work.
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I just recently began getting these strange anxiety surges while trying to sleep, I've had other anxiety related symptoms before (constant light headedness e.c.t)
but this i do not understand! it was so bad the other night i didn't sleep at all! ;)
i only get them when i am about to fall asleep....feeling relaxed and thinking of nothing, and then wham! i'm wide awake with that sickly feeling in my stomach and a pounding heart.
does anyone have any leads on what this is and why it happens, if anxiety related why does it strike at rest?
i feel like i am loosing it! ;(
Hi! Did you get an answer for these issues? I’m having same thing and I’m desperate.
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Hi there, I have experienced a lot of the same body symptoms that all of you have mentioned! I never had these symptoms in the past and then something traumatic happened to bring this on. I have researched it a lot and even had doctors prescribe me antidepressants for my anxiety. I refuse to take them because I would rather deal with my anxiety then other side affects on top of it too. I know that B Vitamins really play a huge role in helping with stress and anxiety, cause there's certain ones that help with stabilizing your adrenaline. Also, vitamin D is also essential. Stay away from caffine, refined sugar, and alcohol. These do not help. Eating oatmeal before bed time can help and a banana too. There's a lot of different remedies out there, you have to look them up. Tryptohan really helps to calm you down and it can be found in turkey, eggs, and other foods. Its an essential amino acid that your body needs and can not produce on its own. Sometimes when we have a depletion of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, our body can start to do weird things. So research these ideas and also keep in touch with your doctor about anything you change or take in supplement form. Just keep in mind that there's always a natural alternative to healing instead of prescriptions. Maybe consulting with a nutritionist would be helpful too! Exercise helps to release endorphines which help heal your body and help make you happy. Sometimes your body can have a build up of to much adreneline and you just have to work out to alleviate it. Whatever you do, be careful not to over do anything. Take care of your body and in return your body will take care of you. Adrenaline fatigue can also get you too. So do your homework and try to see what works best for you. It's important to remember that your body cannot make certain amino acids, vitamins, and minerals on its own and that why we get them through foods and supplements to give our body what it needs to properly function mentally and physically. Sometimes all it takes is a chemical imbalance in our body or brain to start up these symptoms to let you know that there's something going on and it needs to be fixed. Don't let the doctors throw meds in your face without ruleing out other causes or other options for treatments. They are supposed to be there to help you get better from the cause, not just tearing your symptoms. So be tough and stand your ground. Good luck and God Bless you all!!
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I also experienced an attack, not caused by fear or anxiety, I was at rest and had a surge of adrenaline and my heart jumped to 144 bpm for several minutes, couldn't breathe, a bad tremor, nausea. called 911. after about 10 minutes, it slowed to 110 bpm, then, more attacks  5 more times on the way to the hospital, I was in and out of consciousness. since then, I have had 6 more episodes, the md prescribed toprol and ativan, I had a  24 hr holter monitor, 24 hr urine (no results yet) , normal ecg,  all normal ekgs,. the heart md said you are not going to die from it, just lay down until it passes. well, when it happens, it feels like I am going to die, they don't understand because I am a healthy 38 yo. female, no smoking or drinking. the medicine has lessened the severity of recent attacks, but I'm afraid constantly I will have another one, and they are debilitating.
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Dear kath77..
just to let you know. you are not crazy and you are not alone.  I am a 44 year old female and experience the same thing at least 3-4 times a week.  I'm awoken from a deep sleep to a reality of terror, with fear, heat palpitations, chest pain, tremors and the the most awful feeling of impending death; as if I was having a heart attack.  I've been searching the internet and and am taking comfort, unfortunately, in knowing that I'm not alone.  in severe cases where i can't calm myself down, i too have to take ativan. i find, listening to 'solitudes' music really helps and splashing my face with cold water sometimes as well.  Stay strong.. We will get through this.. sherieb
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what did the afib cause?  was it something you could feel?  
did you need medial attention?
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You have given me comfort is knowing I am not alone either.  I have attacks about every couple of weeks.  Adrenaline surges, chest and arm pain, shortness of breath, palpitations and that over all panic feeling of "this is it".  I have been taking Klonpin now for about 3 years off and on--after an embarrassing call to 911. Can this just be a woman thing?  I worry about EVERYTHING and nothing at all.  Let me know if you have found any other solutions.  I hate to keep running to the doctor claiming the sky is falling but it's so scary - and expensive.
J in NM
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I am a 41 year old male.  I was put in hospital for three days last spring for what I felt was a heart issue.  My chest was having pains and spasms.
I continue to have chronic stomach cramps and adrenaline rushes.
Just this past weekend I went to the ER because I didn't feel right. I felt lightheaded, scared, and difficult breathing.  I held my daughters hand in the car thinking it might be the last time I might see her.
Panic disorder is real and we need to push for help!
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Hi. I'm a 37 year old male in the UK. I went to the doctors recently with mild chest pain/ache and an ECG was done. The ECG picked up an abnormality typical with someone who was suffering a heart attack. I was taken to hospital and seen by cardiologists. All tests came back negative which ruled out any heart trauma but ECG showed a constant abnormality. I was seen by a consultant who diagnosed me with Type 1 Brugada Syndrome. The pain I was feeling was put down to muscular skeletal from weight training. Last Sunday morning, I was in bed snoozing. I could feel an adrenaline rush building and then suffered a huge hit to my heart which made me shoot out of bed and I suffered a panic attack. I have never had this before and I thought I was suffering a heart attack. I was taken into hospital and put on a heart monitor for 24 hrs. Nothing other than my ECG abnormality showed so I was fitted with a heart trace / recall to register any further episodes. Since then, I too have been suffering these feelings of adrenaline in my chest while trying to go off to sleep. I.have recorded these feelings and cardiologists have examined the data. There is no sign heart issues so I have put  it down to anxiety ( which I have suffered since a child ). I have been assured these episodes are not heart related so would like to offer you all some reassurance.

It is very interesting to read the comments above and would welcome any questions anyone may have.
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I feel everyone's pain here. It's so awful. I hate the adrenaline feeling. I go to cognitive therapy and it works but I just hate hate the adrenaline. We should start a online support group up with everyone on here :) to exchange tips etc.
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