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Should I take xanax?

I broke up with my girlfriend recently (two months ago) and before one month I started to have something like panic seisures.One or two times a day I start thinking very negative things that make me very anxious and I'm having a feeling I'm losing my mind. This feeling sometimes go away and sometimes not,but If I take 0.5 mg xanax I'm ok.

Also I swet a lot in some social occations that normaly I could handle easily althought I have some kind of social phobia.

The whole situation especially the sweting part is getting really annoying (!!) and I'm thinking to start taking xanax regulary (I have some in stock) but I don't want to get addicted.

I'm thinking to take 0.5 mg daily for a week.
Will this have any results or is this period too short?
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How often over what period, have you been taking xanax earlier?
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I take 0.5 mg sometimes, not often ,when I have to do something stressfull for me like going to a party and doing social things that stress me.

But I had been taking 1,5 daily for six months two years ago when I had depersonalization.
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OK, it's useful to know you've a history with this med.  And you wish to revisit your earlier six month consumption rate for a week to see if that will turn your life around / somehow retrain you into being less anxious in social situations.

I'm confident it will not.  You'll have an easier week and possibly a few days following (or not), but that will be it.  

Whenever you're on xanax, you've no incentive or pressure to train yourself to cope in a non-med manner.  Indeed the opposite tends to happen, we became anxiously predisposed because of how we deal with life and if we're consuming a crutch, we'll gradually add more anxiety provoking routines and practices into our lives (making it progressively harder to leave the med behind, and meanwhile, since anxiety's poorly treated with meds, the meds slowly become less effective).

I think you should hold using xanax in reserve, and strictly as a bandaid med for semi-emergency extremely short term use for a few hours here or there, and the rest of the time take advantage of being aware of how anxiety impacts you and work around it (by avoiding provoking your anxiety, by seeking out calming routines and practices along with healthy food/drink choices such as avoiding caffeine whenever anxiety coping's becoming an issue for you).
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*practice (not rate) for a week
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